Volt Resistance Heated Clothing

Volt heated clothing uses state-of-the-art technology to create a product that is safe, fashionable, and warm. When you are out in the cold, let CozyWinters keep you warm. Our battery heated clothing has discreetly hidden battery packs inside your specially made jackets, vests, socks, and other winter wear allow you to be in control of your temperature.

Volt Resistance heated clothing comes in an array of fashionable choices and colors. It starts with base coats to make sure you are kept warm with the right layers. Add to the base with battery powered gloves and jackets. Keep your feet warm with the heated socks.

We are an Authorized Volt Resistance Heated Clothing Master Distributor for North America, so if you don't see a Volt product that fits your needs, please contact us, as we can often help you find what you need.

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It does not matter why you need it. You may be out in very cold climates. Perhaps you are sick and have trouble fighting off the cold. Maybe you just hate being cold. Whatever your reason, Volt Resistance heated clothing could be your solution to staying warm this winter.

Even at the end of the day when you come home and just want to rest in a comfy environment, we have you covered. Try out one of our many good-looking slippers to keep your feet warm as you stroll through your home. CozyWinters is a certified seller of this innovative technology, so even if you do not see the option you want on our site, but you know the company makes it, let us know. We might be able to get it for you.

The batteries are safe, lightweight, durable, and discreet. You don’t have to be worried about being shocked in wet environments, held back by heavy materials, stuck searching for a battery that fell out in the snow, or unstylish because of a big battery strapped to your back.

When your battery eventually does give out, we have backups and replacements that you can easily install yourself. We also sell extra chargers so that you can keep your battery working for as long as possible. At CozyWinters, we search out the products that will suit your needs best. So if you want to stay warm this winter, make sure you take a look at this line of clothing. With Volt Resistance heated clothing, you won’t stay cold long.