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Portable Heaters

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Buy room heaters for the office, shop, home or warehouse that really work and are safe and cost effective to operate. Buy portable heaters to enjoy the comfort of a warm and cozy environment.

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Experience Warmth and Unmatched Convenience with Our Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are your strongest ally when your daily activities force you to spend time in cool environments. Choose to stay warm and boost your own wellbeing by buying and installing a portable heater in your home and office.

Manufactured to address your needs and demands in terms of heat output, design, and convenience, these products are all you need to transform your personal space into a more comfortable and inviting environment during the cold season. Find the Design That Works Best for You and Your Indoor SpaceThese days, you no longer have to add multiple layers of fabric to be able to maintain an ideal body temperature in extremely cold areas. Forget about heavy apparel and wear your favorite lightweight clothes, while using portable heaters from CozyWinters.

These products are now available in different shapes and sizes and can become a part of an ampler configuration designed to warm up your interior space and/or specific body parts. For instance, smart heating solutions for the under rug area come in five different sizes and bring plenty of radiant heat at your feet. Approved for under rugs, these heating options are entirely safe and easy to use.

Heated floor mats are another effective solution that you should explore, especially if you always complain about cold flooring material and its negative impact on your health. Much safer than run-of-the-mill space heaters, these portable heaters are excellent sources of radiant heat and are also very durable and low-maintenance, due to the fact that they are made of waterproof rubber. The carpeted heated floor mat is great for just about any type of indoor space, including houses and offices.

If you’d rather invest in pieces that come in direct contact with your always-cold body parts, choose to use the ingenious heated footrest for happy, cozy feet. Winterize Your Favorite Pieces of Furniture with the Right Portable HeatersA cold chair or bed can be a real nightmare during the cold season. To add character and warmth to your favorite furniture pieces, simply cover them with a premium heated cover from CozyWinters. Seat warmers and chair and sofa covers can keep your body warm while you recharge your batteries in an optimal resting position. No matter what type of portable heaters you are looking for, note that you can find them at CozyWinters in your preferred size, style, and configuration.