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Cat Beds - Heated

Shop for comfortable, safe, and reliable heated cat beds and pads! We’re proud to have a large selection of beds for both indoor and outdoor pet environments. All of our electric and heated cat beds and pads feature a dual thermostat and are recommended by vets for year round use. The heat produced by these pads is beneficial and soothing for both active and aging cats. They also encourage circulation! We have a large variety of styles to choose from including beds that allow your cat to nest inside for warmth, condo styled beds, and fashionable pads in leopard and mink. Several of our beds come with a free fleece cover. Find the bed that is perfect for your cat! Check out this great Heated RV Mattress and Pads for comfort for you or your pet on your next long drive.

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Buying a heated pet bed for your dog or cat is an effective and affordable solution to keeping your furry companion warm throughout the winter months.

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Just like human food, the quality and edibility of pet food degrades over time. That’s why safe storage is such a vital part of ensuring your pet gets the freshest, most nutritious kibble possible.

Why Cats Love Sunlight & Heat
Whether it’s snoozing in a narrow beam of sunlight, curling up on a laptop keyboard, or nestling inside a cardboard box, your pet naturally gravitates toward the warmest spot in the room.

Ease Your Pet's Pain
Body temperature warmth eases muscle pain and encourages circulation for active or arthritic pets. It's why many vets recommend and use our Lectro-Kennel heated pads in their clinics and prescribe them for recuperating pets.

These thermo beds are so important they shouldn't be considered optional, but a necessary piece of equipment for all dogs regardless of size, breed, age or time of year.

Kevin Howard,
Nationally recognized dog trainer

Never use a human heating pad for your pet! Heating pads reach much higher temperatures than a pet's body temperature of 102°F and may cause injury. Human heating pads are designed to be placed on top and not to be laid on.

Why only 102°F when in use?
102°F is the ideal body temperature for cats and dogs. Any warmer and your pet won't use it. Since a pet's fur acts as an insulator, our products have a thermostat that senses when the unit has reached this temperature and maintains it for maximum pet comfort.

There is no reason your best friend has to be uncomfortable during the winter season. Despite having fur, animals can get just as cold as humans. You would not want to sit around uncomfortable all day, and neither should your beloved pet. We have a variety of options to suit your needs, so you can provide adequate comfort in any environment. Cat lovers will know that their pets adore warm spaces, so give your loving friend his or her new favorite spot in the house. Whether it is a simple pad for indoor use, or a full pet house to provide shelter for the outdoor feline in your life, you can rest assured that your pet will be grateful every day of the year. If you're looking for a great Dog House Heater, check it out here.

Please remember to never use a human heating pad for a cat. They can be the cause of serious burns since human heating pads are meant to be placed on top and not laid on. If you have questions about any of our heated cat beds and pads, contact our friendly customer service representatives. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products as well as explain the differences between outdoor heated pads, indoor mats, and heating pads for cats. Do not forget to check out our accessories for electric beds including travel and microwavable pet bed warmers.