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Heating and Cooling for Dog Houses

Now, you can keep your dog comfortable and cozy in their dog house during those cold winter nights. We have thermostatically controlled heaters for your dog house that are safe, simple to use, and efficient. We have a full line of outdoor heated dog pads that are ideal for use in a kennel, doghouse, garage, basement, porch, clinic, or anywhere extra warmth is desired. Breeders, pet owners, and veterinarians have been using our heated dog beds to warm pets for decades. The new designs are now more comfortable and durable than ever!

Persistent Chewer?
Protect your pet from chewing electrical cords!

CritterCord - Cord Protector

Save Energy
Turns product On/Off based on temperature!

Thermo Cube - Thermostatically Controlled Outlet

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Ease Your Pet's Pain
Body temperature warmth eases muscle pain and encourages circulation for active or arthritic pets. It's why many vets recommend and use our Lectro-Kennel heated pads in their clinics and prescribe them for recuperating pets.

These thermo beds are so important they shouldn't be considered optional, but a necessary piece of equipment for all dogs regardless of size, breed, age or time of year.

Kevin Howard,
Nationally recognized dog trainer

Never use a human heating pad for your pet! Heating pads reach much higher temperatures than a pet's body temperature of 102°F and may cause injury. Human heating pads are designed to be placed on top and not to be laid on.

Why only 102°F when in use?
102°F is the ideal body temperature for cats and dogs. Any warmer and your pet won't use it. Since a pet's fur acts as an insulator, our products have a thermostat that senses when the unit has reached this temperature and maintains it for maximum pet comfort.

The heated dog houses come with heaters and ventilator systems that are thermostat controlled so you can make sure Fido doesn't over-heat. A heated dog house just might turn into your pet's new favorite place in the winter. If you'd rather not bother with plugs and thermostats, a microwaveable pad heats up in a few minutes and can provide heat for up to 12 hours at a time. It's not a bad alternative when outdoor electricity might not be an option. If your pet happens to be smaller than a typical outside dog, but still needs a place to keep warm, CozyWinters has other options for warm shelters including those made for cats or other small animals. Our friendly, winter-loving staff invites you to explore our products made especially for pets so the whole family can be comfortable outside when the snow starts to fly. Make sure everyone can enjoy this special time of year and give your pets a warm place to rest outside, too.

If you need to provide a cooler area for your best friend during the warmer climates, we also have dog houses with air conditioning available. They will provide great airflow to your petís home and ensure it is kept at an acceptable temperature all year long. This will ensure they are comfortable in any climate and safe from unhealthy weather with ease. Choose from a variety of dog houses with air conditioning and find the option that suits you and your pet best. We have high quality products available to ensure you can provide the best home for your beloved friend!

Providing a heated dog house for the outdoor animals is a great way to make sure they'll stay warm and safe when the snow is falling. With many sizes and designs of warmers to choose from, you're sure to find something you and your pet will appreciate. Dogs are pretty hardy, especially when it comes to large and working breeds, but even outdoor canines need a place to warm up in the winter. They protect your home and are practically a member of the family, so why not have a nice place for them to get out of the cold?