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Happy Pup

Rover 7v Battery Heated Dog Jacket with Bluetooth, Dark Navy

Very fast delivery. My puppy tried it on for the first time yesterday, and he was a happy boy.
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Erin —

Wondering if you should buy one?

Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Under Area Rugs

There is this girl, a Colorado native, who longs for the first shifts in the autumn days that signal the coming winter, who loves the cold of Christmas, the snows of January, the crisp air of winters… and who now lives in Houston, Texas. Trust me, it hurts to write it as much as it does to read. How she got here is a story for a different time. 

The point of this story is that she has never adjusted to the bone chilling winters in a humid climate. Sitting inside her home, the north wind whipping at the windows, the chill seeping inside, the feeling that summer cannot get here soon enough. The rest of the house is warm but the main great room cannot hold up to the incessant unrelenting attack of the winter wind. Sitting here, the chill seeping inside, the heart of the home feels unwelcoming because of the onslaught of winter. 

So, a month ago, she saw the approaching winter, the first cold nights started to arrive, and she fought back. She fought to defend her home from the winter intruder. She ordered her ammunition: a single rug heater for under the kitchen table… And the results? What could one rug heater do? Would it make a difference? Is it worth it?

 Well, today she ordered three more. 

Now, her home has one under the kitchen runner, two under the large living room rug and one under the dining room table and as soon as the budget allows, another one will be ordered for the master bathroom and still another for the room over the garage. 

There are very few times in life that I have been as impressed with a product as I have been with this one. 

Order one. It will change your winters. 

PS: Make sure you use an appropriate rug insulation pad. 

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Shannon — TX, US

It really works...

Non-Slip Thermal Insulation Pad for Rug Heat

I made the mistake of NOT purchasing this pad when I ordered the RugHeat heating pad. I put the heater under an area rug in front of my couch, so I could have warm feet while watching TV. The heater pad wasn't getting as warm as expected, so I called and spoke to the friendly folks at Cozywinters. They explained that I needed to insulate the heater from the ceramic tile floor I had it on, so I went ahead and ordered it. Night and Day! The heater works like a charm and my feet are toasty warm. The pad also keeps the rug from moving around and seems to be of high quality materials. Bravo!
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Jon H. — CO, US

I now have two...

Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

I now have 2 of these foot warmers. They are excellent. I use one in my bed (under the sheet) and I'll use the other on my sofa when my feet become cold in the evenings.
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Vicki H — CA, US

Well worth the $

Dog Swimming Pools

Best purchase you can make! We’ve had the nine Shaped pool for about 5 years! We have 5 crazy large sized dogs & it’s still in perfect condition!
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Teresa Reidel —

Love it

Serta Waterproof Heated Mattress Pad

Got the king size about 5 years ago and still love it. Looking now at buying a queen for the RV.
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Rick —

Wonderfully Warm!!

Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Under Area Rugs

We have a large home and we have a heater under every rug!! The cat loves them. We especially love them in our bathroom and closet. We keep our bedroom cool and the bathroom is warm. If we leave the bathroom door open it heats the bedroom so we keep it closed tight to keep in the warm air. All of the floors where the rugs are have wood under them. Very pleased with this purchase... 2 or 3 years in a row we've found places to add a rug and have enjoyed the warmth.
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PAMELA Fears —

Wonder boots

Battery Heated Indoor / Outdoor Slippers - Black

I bought my husband a pair of these a year ago. He cannot wear a shoe or sock. His foot is hypersensitive. Buying these a size bigger was the best thing I ever bought.
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Tammy Lantau —


Deluxe Heated Seat Covers - Universal Fit

Just wanted to thank you for your FANTASTIC heated seat covers. My wife loves them which is saying a lot. Especially with the drop in temperatures recently, the seat covers did the job to keep her warm.
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Harold W. — SC, US


Ridge Womens 3 Zone Heated Hoodie, Storm

Luv luv luv it. A little bulky but sooo warm. Perfect for cool mornings or evenings. I have arthritis and even wear mine in the house.
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Julz —

Thermo-chicken Heated pad

Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad

My husband and I were adopted by a pair of guinea fowl, May 2017. Sadly the male was killed by an automobile. "Tillie" became our girl! When the winter came, my husband made her a hut from a large dog crate and I found the Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad here! We lightly lined the crate with wood chips and the heating pad works great! She sits on it all the time in the cool and cold months of the year. It has saved her life! She roosts on a wood perch we affixed to our brick under our patio! Such a pampered and spoiled girl. Thank you Cozy Winters! I highly recommend this product!
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Lori Lehr-Knapp —

Awesome product!

Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Under Area Rugs

Bought one last year for my area rug when we switched from carpet to wood floors. This did the trick! Keeps the LR warm without having to turn up the thermostat for my entire house. I highly recommend this product.
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JB —

My new socks

Spare Toe Cap 4.0 Socks for the Lenz Heated Sock System

I have yet to actually try my new socks in my ski boots on a cold day, but I can tell you the service from Cozy Winters so far has been stellar, and if these products are as good as the service, life will be good on the mountain again!
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ac —

Excellent Customer Service

Deluxe Heated Seat Covers - Universal Fit

Had an issue with power cord for heated seat cover. (Seat Cover is very nice) Received call within hours from the customer service rep. Problem solved. I also asked about an item I wanted but was "Sold Out" she called the warehouse to double check and found one for me. She called back a few days later after she received it to make sure I still wanted it and shipped it to me.
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Derek —

Great for what I use it for

Bench Warmer Battery Heated Stadium Seat Cushion

I live in a cold climate and like to take my dog with me on car trips. In the winter it can be too cold to leave her in the car too long. This works great for her to curl up on and wait for me... you should recommend them to pet owners who travel cold climates.
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Jeanine Eaton — US

Great for the games!

Bench Warmer Battery Heated Stadium Seat Cushion

My wife and I purchased two of these 5 years ago. We don't go to a game without them. We love them so much that we have given several out as presents, to friends and family members.
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Buddy Harwell — TN, US

Who needs a jet pack?

Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

When I was a young fella I was told that, in the 21st century, we would all have flying cars and jet packs to get about. Didn't happen. But who cares? CozyWinters' electric foot warmers are the pinnacle of man's achievements. Thank you, Cozy Winters, for making this technological miracle available to the millions.
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M.A. —

I use it in the car...

12-Volt Heated Car Seat Pad with Safety Timer

I use it in the car
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Kenneth B — WA, US

Has lasted 4 years

Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

Bought one 4 years ago because of cold arthritic feet. Not only do my feet stay warm and pain free at night, but has reduced daytime irritating pain as well. Still working fine after 4 years of use!
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Howard Rigg —

I love it! Does exactly...

12-Volt Heated Car Seat Pad with Safety Timer

I love it! Does exactly what I had hoped it would do. Would absolutely recommend it.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Barbara C. J — IN, US