Deluxe Heated Seat Covers - Universal Fit

Deluxe Heated Seat Covers - Universal Fit

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Warm Your Driving Experience with Deluxe Heated Car Seat Covers

Why endure cold car seats? Enjoy the total comfort and luxury of heated seats without the high cost and any invasive installations. Our heated seat covers combine therapeutic F.I.R. (Far Infrared Ray) heating technology with contemporary styling keeping you warm and cozy. And, the warming starts from the time you first sit down in your car without having to wait for your engine to warm up.

Our deluxe warming seat covers also protect your car seat against wear, tear, spills and dirt. The Hi-tech heating fabric uses Far-infrared heating which is built into the fabric, so no lumpy wires to be felt. The heated seat covers features the latest in heating technology and begin warming within seconds all by using your low-voltage cigarette lighter as the power source.

Additional Features:
  • Quicker and warmer experience
  • Far-infrared heating provides comfortable warming (no bulky wires)
  • Easy installation
  • Protects your car seat against wear, tear, spills and dirt
  • High/Low Settings
  • Color: Grey, Tan, and Black
  • Power Supply: 12VDC Car Socket that plugs into a 12v Cigarette Plug
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes of operation, to prevent draining your battery
  • Amperage: 5 Amps
  • Universal Fit: Fits most bucket seats and built-in adjustable headrest seats
  • Fits Driver and Front Passenger Seats


Far Infrared Heating
Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R.) safely penetrate deep beneath the skin, warming muscles, stimulating circulation, increasing the metabolism of the blood, promoting tissue regeneration, and reducing pain & cramping.

Universal Fit (Regular bucket type and built-in adjustable headrest seats)

Our heated seat covers install with just a simple slip over your seats. The seat covers fit over most regular bucket type and built-in adjustable headrest seats.

Thin heating elements for ease on the road
Connector placed on the side for comfort

Soft foam lining for a smoother, comforting drive
Connects to a temperature controller powered by your car's cigarette lighter plug

Note: Recommended for newer vehicles (generally within the last 15 years).

Your order includes ONE (1) Seat Cover

Exceptions on Fit - The Seat Cover will NOT WORK with the below:

Seats with seat-belts included in the seat

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the heat coming from?
The heat emitted by the car seat cover comes from thin micro-alloy heating elements placed throughout the seat and back rest areas.

How hot can the heated car seat get?
The heat can go up to 132 degrees Fahrenheit (Max), perfect for snowy drives or for the cold weather season. You can choose to lower its temperature by clicking the power button once.

Where does it draw power?
The heated seat cover has a 12-volt car plug that you can easily connect to your car's cigarette plug.

Can the Heated Single Car Seat Cover fit to all car seats?
Yes. The Heated Single Car Seat Cover is form-fitting and versatile, with adjustable bands to suit your car's driver seat.

Is the Heated Single Car Seat Cover safe to use during long drives?
Yes. You can always adjust or turn off the heater through the temperature controller.

Does it have warranty?
Yes. The product is protected by a 12-month limited warranty, while the temperature controller and the plug are covered by a 6-month limited warranty.

How can I clean the Heated Single Car Seat Cover?
  1. Unplug all wires prior to cleaning.
  2. Spot cleaning with mild detergent is recommended.
  3. Hand wash in cold water and hang dry. Do not wring.

Will the Car Seat Cover fit my car seat?
Our Seat Covers will NOT fit car seats that have the seat belts included in the seat.

4-Way Socket Auto Adapter
Sale Price: $14.95
This 4-Way socket expands one cigarette lighter socket to power 4 electronic items.

Customer Reviews

Deluxe Heated Seat Covers
Excellent value, smart appearance, on/off button works well and quickly.
Was this helpful?
VK —

Deluxe Heated Seat Covers - Universal Fit
It fits perfect, heats up quickly, my wife loves it.
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Gregory Wozniak — NY, US

Nice product for the value
Very nice fit, although if the front piece was a bit longer it would fit perfectly
7 of 7 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Holly Woelber — NM, US

Great buy
Installs easily and fits well on 2015 Toyota RAV4. Got one for drivers and passenger seat.
3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
David Scalzo — NY, US

I brought this to replace my old one for 2 reasons- first, my old heated car pad worked well but kept falling down or twisting around. Second- it has an automatic shut off after 1/2 hour and I left my old one on and my battery died. This great seat cover solved both of my problems! Yay! This also works well and heats up quick.
9 of 9 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Elizabeth Hamilton — NY, US

Like that they slip over seat and not held in place by straps
5 of 5 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Todd — PA, US

Excellent heated seat cover with hard to find auto shut off feature.
I purchased this deluxe heated seat cover for my spouse's 2009 Nissan Sentra. It was easy to install, a perfect fit, looked great, heated up quickly, and would automatically shut off if it was accidentally left plugged in. I would highly recommend this product to others.
7 of 7 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Jim Pretty — Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Great product!
Works awesome! Love it!
Was this helpful?
Derek Gallion — MN,

Awesome Product
Great product I love it, the cover heats up so fast! Definitely worth the money!
3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Justin Badame — Chicago, IL

I tried the Carbon-Fiber Heated Seat Cover and although it appeared to reflect my body heat it just wasn't warm enough for me. I traded it in for this Deluxe Heated Seat Cover, it was 110% improvement if you like warm, although $10 more it was well worth it. It heats up quickly and is adjustable so if it's a warmer day and you don't need really warm, it's perfect. I recommend this seat cover for any one for extreme conditions to the milder ones. If you have back issues and need a little heat you'll love this!
6 of 6 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Barbara Carranza — FULLERTON, CA

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