5V Heated Travel Pillow

5V Heated Travel Pillow

by VOLT Heat    

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Without a doubt, this is the most relaxing and best designed travel pillow available.

This comfy heated travel pillow design has been around airports and train stations for decades, helping people relax and take a snooze. Leave it up to the product development team at Volt Heated Clothing to raise the bar. This heated neck pillow has all of the same attractive features of some of the top-rated travel pillows on the market with one unique twist... HEAT!

We have strategically placed our patented Zero Layer® heating system right at the base of your neck when wearing the heated travel pillow to help provide soothing warmth and comfort. The backbone of this heated travel neck pillow is high-density memory foam that contours to your neck as it heats up. This helps to cradle and support your head as you sleep or relax. The Volt Heated Travel Pillow is covered using a silky soft polyester fleece fabric that can be removed and is machine washable. Choose your optimal heat output by selecting from 3 power level settings with the push of a button using the built in thermostat controller.

The heated travel neck pillow by Volt will come complete with a 5V rechargeable battery and a USB charging cord. When you aren't using the battery to power your Volt product you can use it as a back up charging device for your cell phone.

  • Zero Layer Heat System warms the back of your neck
  • 3 position push button controller to help regulate the temperature
  • Memory foam pillow contours to your neck and head
  • Machine washable case
  • Comes with a 5 Volt rechargeable battery and a charging cord

Zero Layer
Zero Layer® heat system eliminates bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer.

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