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Cooling Apparel

Body cooling clothing for the office, shop, recreation and home for you that really work and are safe and cost effective to operate. Also, we carry a full line of Cooling products for your pet. Our cooling apparel is designed to keep you comfortable in any situation.
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  • Cooling Bedding Products
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    bed pads, & more...
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Find the Modern Cooling Clothes That You Were Waiting for All Along

Designed to protect your body from heat stress and enable you to maintain an ideal body temperature, the cooling clothes from CozyWinters are all you could ever need to operate effectively in warm or hot environments.

What’s the Secret of the Cooling Clothes Delivered by CozyWinters?Based on the innovative Evaporative Cooling (HyperKewl™), the cooling apparel brought to you by CozyWinters cools down your skin like no other piece of garment. What’s the secret behind the unmatched reliability and effectiveness of this amazing product? The HyperKewl™ fabric comes in contact with water to create a new generation of garments. These sophisticated pieces release water via evaporation, allowing your body to stay cool and comfortable.

The ideal choice for people who work in stressful conditions and excessively hot and dry environments, the cooling clothes delivered by CozyWinters are top-selling products that have revolutionized emergency services, industrial safety and the construction sector, among others. Also used by athletes, the vests, neck bands, hats and caps constitute a great pick for outdoor enthusiasts who like to spend a lot of time under the hot summer sun without actually experiencing the discomfort triggered by heat.

Discover the body cooling apparel that combines practicality with great sense of style clothes that serve a practical purpose do not have to be ugly. Based on the most advanced and dependable cooling technology, the clothing items designed to help you battle the effects of excessive heat are also modern, stylish, and easy to wear and accessorize. The cooling caps, sport vests, cycling vests, caps, hats and neck bands brought to you by CozyWinters are the beautiful and useful essentials that you can wear on a day-to-day basis.

Available in  a wide range of colors and sizes, these body cooling clothes and accessories match your great personal style and can help you cool down your body during the hottest days of the year without making any styling compromises. Discover the latest collection of cooling apparel introduced by CozyWinters, choose your favorite pieces and combine them as you see fit to look and stay cool throughout the entire day.