Zanier Heated Gloves and Mittens

Zanier of Austria has been making some of the top ski glove designs for over 40 years. CozyWinters imported and introduced the Zanier heated glove line to the US in 2004 when there were NO decent heated gloves available in the US, and we have been one of their largest North American distrubtors since.

People often ask why the Zanier heated gloves and mittens are more expensive than the other gloves we sell. It's simple. Quality! What gloves do the staff use when they ski? Zanier. Why? Because they're the best. The glove design and materials are 2nd to none. The battery technology and electronic circuitry is unmatched. Plus, all of the other gloves on the market were modeled after the Zanier design, but they are not Zanier. So if you enjoy having the very best Zanier is for you!
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When a company has a long span of time served in an industry, it means they are doing something right. Zanier of Austria has been in the business of making high-quality ski gloves for over 40 years. The best of all heated gloves on the market, Zanier heated gloves are more expensive than comparable heated gloves because the heating capacity from this brand is unmatched. We are the largest distributor of Zanier heated gloves and Zanier heated mittens in America, a fact we are proud to share. Used by the top athletes in snow sports and the benchmark used for all other heated gloves in the industry, Zanier heated gloves offer the best in battery technology and electronic circuitry, so when you’re outside enjoying the weather, the last thing you think about are cold hands.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of this brand's products, including Zanier heated mittens. Our selection of heated gloves from this high-quality brand comes in both men’s and women’s sizes, and all feature lightweight lithium rechargeable batteries. These small, powerful batteries won't bulk up your hands, and they have a long-lasting life! They feature Impulse Control to help with blood circulation in the fingers and keep your hands at a constant level of warmth for hours. The heat levels are adjustable so the colder it gets, the warmer your hands stay. Heated gloves are perfect for doing anything in the snow or cold weather, from riding snowmobiles to shoveling the driveway. When doing activities that are more mitten-friendly, Zanier heated mittens are a nice alternative to gloves. Mittens actually help keep hands warmer because fingers are not separated and create heat better together. Whether mittens or gloves, these heated options will make winter more bearable for your hands!

At CozyWinters, we strive to bring you the best gear and accessories. All of our exceptionally well-crafted and manufactured products are made in America by those skilled in their field. Another fact we are proud of is that we feature products that were made in an earth-friendly manner because we love the outdoors as much as you do! Order today for all your cold-weather needs!