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Heated Car Seat Covers, Heated Seats and Cushions

The Different Types of Heated Seat Covers
Stay cozy at home and on the go with a heated seat cover. These unique heated car seat covers come in a range of sizes and styles to fit over any type of seat. There are a large selection of warming cushions so you can stay warm and comfortable all day long. We even have a heated rear seat cushion to pamper your passengers.

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In the Car
Getting into a cold car is a shock that many people face during the winter. It takes some time for the heater to start working, making the first part of your commute very chilly. A cushion that warms the seat is the luxurious solution to this issue. These car heating pads plug in to a standard cigarette lighter and heat up quickly to provide you with a comfortable ride to work. Some of them even come with a remote so you can control the amount of heat they put out.

While At Home
Heated seat covers for couches and chairs will provide you with many benefits. In addition to keeping furniture nice and warm, they protect the cushions underneath from pet hair and spills. They come with a water resistant exterior that can be easily cleaned. Many of them also come with a nonslip backing. This ensures that they stay in place all day long.áCozy Winters also has great heated dog houses, and this Heated Cat House to keep your best friends warm too!

Stay Warm While Traveling
Get portable heat packs that can be used in any situation. These devices are simply battery powered cushions that have multiple applications. Take one of these heated seat covers to work to heat cold leather seats in the office. They are perfect for the sports fan or soccer mom who wants to avoid a cold, metal bench. Instead they can sit on a warmed cushion which also provides more support for the back.

Motorcycle Riders
Riding a motorcycle in the winter can expose riders to very low temperatures. One way for these individuals to stay comfortable on the road is with a device that can be installed under the motorcycle seat to keep the rider nice and warm. These items will provide a heat source to the seat, while preserving the look of the bike. This is a good item to have all year long as it can warm the individual both in the winter and when they encounter a chilly rain storm.

Stay Warm in Any Situation
We offer these devices to enhance your life and keep you warm no matter the situation. Find warming cushions and seat heater pads at CozyWinters to take to the office, sporting events, and even at home so you will always have a nice, warm place to sit in the winter.