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Portable Electric Room Fans

Shop our large selection of fans for your home and office

Sometimes the heat of the summer sun is stronger than your air condition to keep up with, forcing you to look for another option, such as portable electric fans, to keep you cool and comfortable. CozyWinters is happy to have a large selection of portable room fans for sale for your every need. Portable fans for rooms are essential in keeping a cool environment at home.

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Gone are the days of the big box fan that made so much noise you could barely hear yourself think, causing you to stay warm instead of listening to the racket it made. With today’s technology, fans are nearly soundless and often times offer a remote for the ease of changing speeds depending on your temperature.

There is nothing worse than having to sit in a hot office all day, uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on your work and afraid to turn on the large fan because of your paper blowing everywhere. This is no longer a worry as we have the AirStick Ultra Slim Oscillating Fan or the Clip Stick Ultra Slim Desk Fan that sits or clips on your desk and gives you a nice, cool breeze all day long.

For smaller spaces that need cooled down that do not have the worry of blowing around papers, check out one of the table top fans. These portable fans offer maximum cooling in a smaller, more compact apparatus. You can choose a standard, high-powered fan or an oscillating table fan depending on your needs.

For maximum cooling effort and especially for larger rooms, you want to take a look at the standing oscillating fans or the tower fan. Offering many different speeds and functions, these portable fans are perfect for cooling down a whole room, or position them in a way that they offer maximum cooling power to one area. The tower fans are the most versatile, as they also double as a heater, perfect for the changing of seasons or the office that is simply too cold with no central air conditioning adjuster.