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Ice & Snow Melting Heated Mats and Stair Treads

Improve the safety and comfort of your home with our snow melting mats, that also serve as quick and easy boot dryers! They can be quickly installed as entry heated mats to any home or facility, allowing you to keep your entrance clear of snow and ice so that you can prevent slipping and falling with ease. With powerful, efficient heating, they will remain dry all day long with a powerful grip that will make your winter season easier. Best of all, their heating action can be used as a substitute boot dryer while you spend time indoors, helping you ensure your footwear is comfortable and cozy every day.

We have a great selection of snow melting mats for a variety of purposes. Check out our industrial size and strength options, perfect for commercial areas or any entryway that experiences large traffic flow on a daily basis. We also have smaller options perfect for your home or small business, allowing you to get great protection for your entrance, regardless of its size. With durable rubber construction, they will withstand both the elements and the traffic flow of your building with ease, giving you great protection from slipping for years. With the ability to double as a quick and effective boot dryer, our snow melting mats are an easy choice for any area that is constantly covered in snow and ice!