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Studded Snow Tires for Your Feet! Snow and Ice Cleats stretch on under shoes or boots to improve traction & safety on ice or snow. STABILicers cleats are the solution when winter brings its challenges to getting around on the ice and snow. Injuries from slipping on slick sidewalks and streets can happen to anyone, and even more so when your feet are not properly fitted to withstand dangerous surfaces. STABILicers cleats are the answer. These strong and lightweight cleats stretch under the sole of your shoe or boot to improve your traction and increase safety when you need to walk over rough surfaces during the winter season.

CozyWinters offers STABILicers WALK ice cleats for walking, created with steel cleats to guide you safely through a walk, jog, or light hike. The lightweight TPE Elastomer holds the cleats firmly in place to give you a strong grip on slick surfaces like ice and snow. Easily fit the STABILicers WALK snow and ice cleats for boots to get slip protection all through the winter. For days that require a stronger grip, the STABILicers RUN sport ice cleats have an aggressive cleat and tread system to provide rugged traction and full foot slip protection.

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If you enjoy exercise during the colder months, or you commute to work on foot in the wintertime, these cleats are designed to be lightweight and durable with a tension fit binding and case-hardened material. Attach the STABILicers RUN to your running shoe, hiking boot, or work shoe to provide yourself some extra protection during icy days.

The ultimate in non-slip traction and durability is delivered with the STABILicers Maxx cleats, heavy duty ice and snow cleats that allow you to work, exercise, and walk safely all winter. Featuring a Velcro strap for easy off/on design, lightweight and flexible sole, and 34 steel cleats, the STABILicers Maxx fits onto almost any size boot or shoe for non-slip traction on snowy sidewalks and other slippery surfaces. When it comes time to replace your STABILicers cleats, CozyWinters has a selection of products to choose from. With the same case-hardened steel and specially designed grips for ice and snow, these replacement cleats are custom made to bite into and grip even the iciest surfaces.

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