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Korkers PolarTrax Ultra, Korkers PolarTrax Extreme, Korkers SnowJack Ice & Snow Traction Boots and Korkers IceJack Ice & Snow Traction Boots. Snow and Ice Cleats stretch on under shoes or boots to improve traction & safety on ice or snow.

Innovative Korkers ice cleats adjust to your shoes or boots to provide extra traction and safety while you are active on the ice or in the snow. For work and play, strong and durable Korkers ice cleats are a one-size-fits-all design for both women and men.

Winter injury due to slips and falls on ice are all-too-common, but you can help to avoid accidents when you invest in high-quality Korkers ice cleats. Over five decades ago, the innovative Korkers brand was created in rugged Oregon. As fishermen slipped and fell on river rock, the brand worked to provide a measure of safety not only to sportsmen, but also to outdoor workers during the cold winter months. A brand was born that has proven to be dependable, advanced, and of the highest quality, providing solutions to safety concerns during dangerous weather.

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Keep your footing with Korkers PolarTrax Ultra ice cleats, with a unique Adjustable Fit System for both boots and shoes. Whether your cold weather plans include walking or running, strong and sturdy Korkers’ 16 ice biting steel studs lie under your toes, heels, and ball of your foot to provide great traction and durability during extreme winter conditions. After time and conditions have worn the spikes in your Korkers PolarTrax Ultra cleats, CozyWinters offers replacement Carbide steel spikes as well as replacement cleats.

Exercise, work, and play are still possible even during the coldest months. Ice and packed snow on the ground does not mean you have to sacrifice activity or mobility. Korkers cleats are designed to provide the protection you need to help avoid injury and accidents when you encounter slippery surfaces.

You can trust the brand that has stood the test of time and years of inclement weather. We fit every size and every budget to bring you the best seasonal protection. Don’t risk a slip or fall; CozyWinters has all of the quality Korkers winter gear you need to stay safe and upright when dangerous weather comes your way!