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Turn down the thermostat and cozy up in our safe electric blankets. We believe that comfort and sleep are critical to leading a good life and that's why we offer a large selection of heated electric blankets and other luxurious products. Our electric heater blankets are not only energy efficient to stay warm; they are also soft and cozy. These must-have additions to your bedding will keep you warm from a cool night to the coldest of winter evenings. We have a full line of Heated Blankets including the World's Safest Low Voltage models, Classic blankets, electric heating blankets, and Serta brand blankets. Find your perfect warm bedding here! Looking for more warm products? Check out our Electric Socks!

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Save Energy
Looking for a way to lower your heating bill this year?

Harvard University's Green Campus Initiative reports, "For each degree you turn down your thermostat, you'll save 3 percent on heating bills."

So turn down your thermostat and wrap up with our cozy Electric Blankets and Heated Mattress Pads. You will stay warm and save energy!

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Heated Blankets vs. Heated Throws: What’s the Difference?
If you’re in the market for a heated throw or a heated blanket, you might be wondering what’s the difference between the two. While many people use the terms interchangeably, there are a couple of important distinctions with regard to purpose and size.

Choosing the Perfect Style
A heated blanket should be a mainstay in any home. These plug-in devices are the best way to stay warm on long, cold winter nights. But with so many styles to choose from, how do you decide which one is perfect for your home?

Consider the Use
Some people love to sit back and relax with a cozy cover while they watch television and others cuddle up to stay warm as they fall asleep. If you are planning to use a heated blanket during the day, a thinner material with a lower heat output may be just what you need. You can also find models that wrap around the neck. These items are good for aches that come from working on the computer or reading.

Keep Home Decor in Mind
Another aspect to consider is the room in which the blanket will be used the most. If you are looking for an addition to the bedroom, consider the colors and style in that space. You will want to get an electric blanket that blends in or complements the furniture and other items in the room.

The Economical Choice
If you are looking to lower electricity bills, get a cover that requires less electricity. These devices often come equipped with an automatic shut-off feature to make sure the electrical blanket isn't on constantly. This will help you stay warm while saving you money.

Most of All, Be Comfortable
At the end of the day, a heated blanket that is not comfortable is not the right one for you. Try different types of fabrics and styles until you have found a cover that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Whenever you aim for comfort, you will never make the wrong choice.