Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

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New, Redesigned Foot of the Bed Warmer! Also, larger than previous models.

Our Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer Stops Cold Feet! ... By providing cozy, soothing warmth and relief at the foot of your bed unmatched by any other product on the market. Rather than heating your whole body, sometimes all you really need is to keep your feet warm! Our bed foot warmer is designed to be placed under the bottom sheet at the foot of the bed for safe warmth, or slip your feet into the soft pocket while cuddling on the couch.

While it is a perfect addition to your bed in cold weather, many of our customers with chronic cold feet tell us they use their Bed Foot Warmer all year long!

Our electric foot of the bed warmer has been constructed from luxurious ultra soft plush fleece fabric that is exceptionally durable, easy to care for and able to withstand years of continuous use. A soft fiberfill center cushion adds an additional level of comfort to cushion your tired feet while providing therapeutic heat, you can choose between 4 heat settings.

This heated foot pad provides soothing warmth and relief for cold feet from arthritis or poor circulation. The controller plugs into the bed foot warmer making it very easy to use and is removable when you need to wash the foot warmer. An LED light shows the heat level and allows for easy nighttime adjustments without having to turn on the lights.

This heating pad for feet is perfect for use at home on the couch, under your desk at the office, and the end of your bed for a great nights sleep. Your feet will stay cozy warm every time you slide into bed. And, you can share this electric foot of the bed warmer with a loved one while you cuddle. Check out our Electric Mattress Pad here for more bed products.

Electric Bed Foot Warmer Features:
  • Size: 35" W x 20" D (For Queen and King sizes, order 2)
  • 4 Heat Settings with Removable Controller
  • Ultra soft plush fleece fabric. 100% Polyester
  • Natural Color
  • Easy Care Machine Wash and Dry
  • Cord length: 15 feet long with On/Off/Heat Controls
  • LED lights show heat level
  • Automatic safety shutoff technology after 8 hours for convenience, safety and energy savings
  • A wonderful gift idea
  • Can be used to warm Feet, Legs, Back, Waist, and Abdomen
  • Keep feet warm and cozy on cold nights
  • Soft pocket for your feet
  • Or, flip it over and put it under your sheets
  • ETL Certified for your safety
  • 50 Watt controller is rated at 0.416 Amps
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Flip it over and put under your sheets

Or, warm your feet in or out of
the warming pocket

"Just a note to tell you how happy I am with the electric foot warmer that I purchased recently. It is the best thing since the bed. I haven't slept this good in years and my feet and legs feel rejuvenated when I wake up. Cold feet kept me awake for hours, but not any longer. I wish I had discovered this product years ago."
Richard B.

Note: Color may vary slightly depending on availability, between Natural and Beige.

Customer Reviews

foot warmers for the bed
These provide a gentle steady heat for several hours. This is perfect for cold nights, and can reduce your overall home heating costs. This is an excellent product.
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Mary —

Your feet will love you
This product heats up quickly and will keep your feet toasty warm. There are multiple settings to suit your heat level preferences. Highly recommend this product.
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Cheryl Ballard —

Best purchase ever
Exactly what I needed - something to keep my feet warm in bed while the rest of my body stays cool. I put it under my fitted sheet with the foot sleeve facing down (so the heating coils are on the top) and it nicely heats my top sheet before I get into bed. It's amazing.
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Melissa —

We can sleep at night!
These foot warmers are amazing! I wish I had these my entire life. I can finally fall asleep at night because my feet are finally warm. My husband loves his, too!
2 customers found this helpful.
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Christine Pierce —

Foot of bed Feet Warmer
I just love this product. No More socks to bed. Keeps my feet nice and warm and this is much easier to fall asleep. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Cozy Winters.
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James Bruno —

I could NOT live without foot warmers! This one is amazing! Bigger size and feels like heaven. Having warm feet is like counting sheep times a million. G'night Irene, TYSM warm feet.❤
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K. Weber —

I love the 8 hour on-off feature and the adjustable warmth. Definitely keeps my feet warm!
6 customers found this helpful.
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Liked it so much I bought a 2nd one :)
4 customers found this helpful.
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Leah —

No more cold feet
This bed warmer was a great find. I used to use a microwavable heating pad, but it cooled off quickly. This warmer stays warm for hours and shuts off automatically. I have slept so much better since I bought this warmer.
5 customers found this helpful.
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Nora —

Electric foot warmer
Finally I have something that warms my feet without making me too hot all over. Love it.
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Susan Y. —

Keeps my wife's feet really toasty.
This is the second foot warmer I've purchased for my wife and she loves it. Uses it every night. One of the best things we ever purchased.
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Bill —

Electric foot warmer
This product is a God Send. About 20 years I had major surgery on my colon. I woke up with cold feet, this product is great The length of the timmer on the device is a a plus. I am totaly happy with this product. Sincerely, R Hiatt
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Rayford Hiatt —

Bunoin Paradise
Love, love, love having warm feet in a cool bed!
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Annie & Nick —

Best Foot Warmer Ever
This is by far the best foot warmer I've used! It's large, you can move your feet around easily and heats quickly. I loved it so much I bought one to take on trips. Once you have one you will never want to sleep without one.
Was this helpful?
Deb —

I am delighted with my purchase of Cozy Winters Foot of the Bed Foot Warmer. For as long as I can remember I have gone to bed with cold feet. My feet perspire causing my sock to be damp causing my feet to be cold except on the hottest of summer days. It is so pleasant to go to bed and place my feet on the warmth of the foot warmer. Strongly recommending it to others, I cannot express enough how glad I am that I decided to purchase it.
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Sharon C —

Best warmer, well made.
Own 2 of these, ordered more for when they stop working, bc we don't want any bed to be without when the temps dip, & they can be hard to find, or out if stock. This has surpassed the brands we had owned (Sunbeam & other which lasted abt 2 yrs.) Perfect for a "hot" sleeper who wants warm feet, or who cannot cope with all-over heat of electric blankets. Enough coverage at foot if bed for 2 people to be comfortable (altho would not cover the entire width of queen/king). Lovely gift too, for those hard to buy for.
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Claudia —

Excellent product but used differently
This foot warmer is well designed and made. The cord length is the right length for a king bed. Trying to get my feet into the pocket under the sheets was a problem. Solved this by placing the warmer under the fitted sheet, thus not using the pocket. Works great. The warmer came quickly.
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Don Chenicek —

Foot warmer
Soft and warm. Using the foot warmer is a wonderful way to fall asleep on a cold night. I've always had cold feet and this has solved the problem. Super long cord makes it easy to use anywhere.
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Paulette F. —

Foot of the bed warmer
Love it. Bought one for my husband & 2 more for my sister & niece.
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Gail Daleiden —

Socks no more
Great product. I have worn socks to bed for many years now but now my feet have the chance to breath again. I fall right to sleep. This bed foot warmer is a God sent!
18 customers found this helpful.
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Phillip —

No More Socks
I bought this for my husband in hopes that he would stop wearing socks to bed for his cold feet. Every set of sheets we've had have been ruined by the socks combined with his restless legs, tossing and turning, and fidgeting in bed. Eventually they all succumb to holes from the friction with the socks. We have a set of sheets now that we love and I bought the bedwarmer in hopes of saving them. I put the bedwarmer under the fitted sheet so it would stay in place to withstand his restlessness. Works! He loves the bedwarmer and says that it has also given him a better night's sleep. The automatic shutoff is a nice feature, so no worries. No more socks! He's happy, I'm happy, and the sheets are happy!
24 customers found this helpful.
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Anita Lamotte —

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