Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer - Stops Cold Feet!

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New, Redesigned Foot of the Bed Warmer! Also, larger than previous models.

Our Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer Stops Cold Feet! ... By providing cozy, soothing warmth and relief at the foot of your bed unmatched by any other product on the market. Rather than heating your whole body, sometimes all you really need is to keep your feet warm! Our electric foot warmer pad is designed to be placed under the bottom sheet at the foot of the bed for safe warmth, or slip your feet into the soft pocket while cuddling on the couch. We also offer a similar portable foot warmer.

While it is a perfect addition to your bed in cold weather, many of our customers with chronic cold feet tell us they use their Bed Foot Warmer all year long!

Our electric foot warmer for beds has been constructed from luxurious ultra soft plush fleece fabric that is exceptionally durable, easy to care for and able to withstand years of continuous use. A soft fiberfill center cushion adds an additional level of comfort to cushion your tired feet while providing therapeutic heat, you can choose between 4 heat settings.

This heated foot pad provides soothing warmth and relief for cold feet from arthritis or poor circulation. The controller plugs into the bed foot warmer making it very easy to use and is removable when you need to wash the foot warmer. An LED light shows the heat level and allows for easy nighttime adjustments without having to turn on the lights.

This electric foot warmer pad is perfect for use at home on the couch, under your desk at the office, and the end of your bed for a great nights sleep. Your feet will stay cozy warm every time you slide into bed. And, you can share this electric foot of the bed warmer with a loved one while you cuddle. Check out our Electric Mattress Pad here for more bed products.

Electric Bed Foot Warmer Features:
  • Size: 35" W x 20" D (For Queen and King sizes, order 2)
  • 4 Heat Settings with Removable Controller
  • Ultra soft plush fleece fabric. 100% Polyester
  • Natural Color
  • Easy Care Machine Wash and Dry
  • Cord length: 15 feet long with On/Off/Heat Controls
  • LED lights show heat level
  • Automatic safety shutoff technology after 8 hours for convenience, safety and energy savings
  • A wonderful gift idea
  • Can be used to warm Feet, Legs, Back, Waist, and Abdomen
  • Keep feet warm and cozy on cold nights
  • Soft pocket for your feet
  • Or, flip it over and put it under your sheets
  • ETL Certified for your safety
  • Operates at 110/120 Volts for North America
  • 50 Watt controller is rated at 0.416 Amps
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Flip it over and put under your sheets

Or, warm your feet in or out of
the warming pocket

"Just a note to tell you how happy I am with the electric foot warmer that I purchased recently. It is the best thing since the bed. I haven't slept this good in years and my feet and legs feel rejuvenated when I wake up. Cold feet kept me awake for hours, but not any longer. I wish I had discovered this product years ago."
Richard B.

Note: Color may vary slightly depending on availability, between Natural and Beige.

Customer Reviews

Best ever!
I am always cold! This has made such a difference in being comfortable! Toasty Toes!
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Janelle Pierce —

Cozy Feet!
Works exactly as advertised. Heat settings low enough to use all night. Not excessively hot like a heating pad. Safe to put under the bottom bed sheet. And the timed setting is very useful. Love this product. I sleep better.
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Jan —

I'm glad I didn't get cold feet about making this purchase
A well-made, well thought out solution that has allowed my spouse to sleep comfortably after years of having trouble getting to sleep with cold feet.
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Scott Gordon —

Bed Warmer
Touching is very soft, smooth and comfortable. It's easy to get sleep, Thank you.
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Yoshiko Sawada —

The foot warmer has been awesome. I have Renault syndrome so my hands & feet freeze all the time. This has been so nice to be able to climb in the bed & have warm feet!
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Penny —

Fabulous! Worth every penny.
I bought 2 of these for Christmas 2023. And we LOVE them. My husband's feet get cold towards the end of the day. He turns this on about 30 minutes before bed and his feet don't cramp and he is able to get to sleep faster. I have used mine as a heating pad, to help my bad knee. I prefer it for my feet. :-))
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Julie W —

much better then socks
I've always had cold feet at night and wore socks to bed. After putting this warmer under our top sheet my feet stay warm without socks and I sleep better. It stays on for 8 hours while most others only stay on for 2 hours.
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HO —

It Works
I don't like climbing into a cold bed, but I can't sleep if the bed is too warm, so this makes for a good compromise. I put it between the mattress pad and the fitted sheet, to help keep it in place, since I don't plan to use the pocket. I turn it on about an hour or so before bedtime, and then I turn it off once I'm in the bed. It keeps the chill from being uncomfortable while my body heat warms the bed, but it doesn't heat me up to the point that I can't sleep. Definitely worth the money, in my opinion.
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Terlen —

Cozy foot warmer
I absolutely love this foot warmer. It heats up very quickly. I don’t know how I ever got along without it.
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Juanita Broaddrick —

Very nice!
This foot warmer is really great. It's soft, warm and the perfect size with a nice, long cord so you can have it at the foot of your bed to keep feet toasty and the controller near the head of bed for ease of use!
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Teresa T. —

I love this foot warmer. I turn it on as I’m getting ready for bed. When I crawl in and slide my feet in… it’s heavenly.
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Jody —

My 91 year old father loves how warm his feet now are. Thank you for providing such a long cord on this for plugging in. His old home has very few outlets and this long cord could be run under his bed to reduce the risk of trip hazard.
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JoEllen —

Very toasty
Bought this to replace the old one I had. This one works great. Very pleased. Sent one to my sister also.
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Janine always cold feet! —

This replaced my old Sunbeam foot warmer for in bed use. So far it is great!
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Shari Snider —

Cold feet due to medication
My husband has cold feet, especially at night due to heart medications he takes. I purchased this product and he couldn't be happier. Thank you
4 customers found this helpful.
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Valoree MacDonald —

Warm and cozy!
Replaced my old Sunbeam foot warmer for the foot of my bed that I place under my fitted sheet. This one heats up much faster and much warmer. Super comfy to jump into bed with it nice and toasty for my feet. 4 settings makes it nicely adjustable. Automatically turns off after 8 hours in case I forget to turn it off in the morning. Very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend.
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Eric Gokcen —

Great value & performance
Have purchased a few times before to give as gifts for all ages 16-70, and keep an extra to make sure we are never without one! These foot warming pads (have tried them all I think) are the best quality I've found, long lasting & reliable, & worth the money (buy on sale!) We place under fitted sheet for smooth, wrinkle free, stay-in-place use. Prefer to electric blanket.
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Claudia —

Yum warm feet
I put it under the bottom sheet and turn it on prior to getting into bed, to warm the feet part of the bed. Heavenly.
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Kathy H —

Previously purchased 2 for the foot of our king bed. Liked them so much that I ordered this latest to give as a gift. No longer need a heavy electric blanket or heated mattress pad. The end of the bed warmer is beneath the fitted sheet & is plenty to keep warm through the night.
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CJ —

Electric foot warmer
Ordered the electric foot warmer as a gift for my 90yo uncle whom has cancer. His feet have been so cold at night that he has difficulty sleeping. Other devices automatically turn off at 3 hours causing him to awaken multiple times during the night to turn the device back on. My uncle and his family reports that he is using the foot warmer & it is helping him.
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Karen Gunn —

Terrific Foot Warmer
This is probably my 4th foot warmer. It is by far the best one I’ve had so far. All of the ones I’ve had have lasted a long time, and I hope this one lasts at least as long. I use it every day summer and winter because I have Raynauds syndrome which makes my hands and feet very cold all of the time. I’m glad that this foot warmer comes with a long cord, so that I can keep the remote right next to me on my nightstand. The heat settings are easy to manage. I always use the lowest heat or the next one above it. It stays on for a long time, so I don’t have to keep resetting it all day.
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Shannon Hennigan —

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