DeskHeat Heated Desk, Keyboard, Mouse Pad - Stops Cold Hands!

DeskHeat Heated Desk, Keyboard, Mouse Pad - Stops Cold Hands!

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DeskHeat™ Heated Desk Pad is Radiant Heat For Your Hands! Works as a heated mouse pad, heated keyboard pad, heated writing pad, heated reading pad, heated gaming pad, and many other uses.

No more cold hands! Whether you're writing a letter, taking notes, reading a book, typing on a keyboard, working on your computer, or gaming, the DeskHeat™ Heated Desk Pad is the perfect desk heater solution to warm your cold hands this winter. The heated keyboard pad itself is only 3mm thick to give the surface a cozy radiant heat feel.

To use, just lay on a flat surface, plug in the power cord and adjust the temperature switch to Low or High heat and enjoy! Simple. Safe. Energy Efficient. For more targeted warmth, see our heated mouse pad.

If you suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome and spend time in front of the computer, our Heated Desk - Keyboard - Mouse Pad is what you've been looking for. The surface of the pad warms up to keep your keyboard and mouse toasty warm and puts the heat right where you need it, so your hands won't get cold. Also, see our FootWarmers for your feet.

The cold winter air is no match for the DeskHeat™ Heated Desk Pad! This pad uses radiant heat to create the feeling of a warm hug right at your fingertips. Use it on your desk any time you like, all winter long. No more warming your cold hands on hot cups of coffee or typing with numb fingers. DeskHeat™ is the answer to a problem you didn't even know could be solved.

This heated keyboard pad is made from a soft, polyurethane material that is both durable and waterproof. You can use it under your keyboard and mouse, on your reading table or any flat surface where your hands regularly rest. It will keep your mouse, keyboard and writing utensils toasty warm. You can rest your hands directly on the heater as a hand warmer or allow it to warm up your gaming, writing and reading materials. Every time you pick up your favorite book it will be as warm as you want it to be.

This desk hand warmer is not a medical device and should not be used in place of doctor recommended therapies. However, this mat doubles as a hand warmer that could be ideal for those individuals who suffer from poor blood circulation in their fingertips or from Raynaud's Syndrome. The heater is great for people who love gaming but who have sore and swollen joints that can make holding a video game controller problematic.

DeskHeat™ keyboard hand warmer offers low and high temperatures, a water resistant surface and a cozy aura that your work surface needs!



  • Surface material: Polyurethane leatherette
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 110v AC, converts to 24v DC
  • Power: 60W at Pad
  • Size: 60cm x 36cm
  • Warranty: One Year

Customer Reviews

Love this!
This is great!
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Sarah Wilson —

Game changer!
This product is very much improving my quality of life while working from home! My hands normally get so cold while working on the computer, and this helps significantly. I do wish it were about 3 inches wider to give my mouse more space, but the size works fine. Only downside is my cat loves it too - so he frequently interrupts my work for a warm seat. Can’t blame him.
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Kay —

Just what I always needed
I have always suffered from frozen hands while working from my desk! I am very pleased with the gentle but steady heat from this pad and the way it warms my keyboard and mouse. It doesn't 100% solve my cold fingers problem, but it certainly helps. As a bonus, it also makes my workspace look nice!
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Ami —

Exactly what I was looking for
I got one for my home office because my hands are always cold. This works nicely to keep them warm. My wife tried it and she liked it so much I bought her one too.
3 customers found this helpful.
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Joe —

Amazing warm desk pad
I love this heating pad. It provides a low level radiating heat that helps me, who is always cold, work productively. I even sometimes lift my keyboard and rest my hands for a minute for extra warmth. Love this!
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CRP123 —

Happy warm hands
My hands are finally happy and warm while working at my desk. I use an external Apple track pad, which is freezing to the touch, but it now stays warm with the Cozy pad in place. I only use the full temp setting and can not speak for the mid-heat setting.
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Stephen —

Desk pad
Best ever
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Don Snowdon —

Warm hands at work
My hands are always cold. I ordered this Desk Heat Pad hoping for something that would keep my hands warm while I work, and this heated pad is awesome. I simply turn it on while I get ready for the day and it heats up to the perfect temperature. It keeps my desk top a comfortable temperature on these chilly days. Great product, I recommend this to anyone who needs a warm area to work in.
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Fern D. —