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Our battery heated socks are used by athletes, sportsmen, skiers, construction workers - anyone wanting to stay warm during outdoor activities. Browse through our selection of warming socks & electric heated socks to find the one that suits your needs! If you're looking for additional warming products, check out our Electric Foot of the Bed Warmer.
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Snow sports have become a popular winter activity for thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Snowboarders and skiers, both professional and amateur, know the excitement of spending a day in the snow doing what they love. They also know that wet, cold feet can easily make the excitement quickly decrease from discomfort. With the purchase of high-quality warming socks & battery heated socks, cold feet will never get in the way of your outdoor time again. Heated footwear is a great accessory for not only winter athletes, but anyone who spends time outdoors dung winter months and is great for a variety of activities.†Check out our great Heated Mattress Pads for more great products to keep you warm and cozy.

We offer a large selection of battery heated footwear and warming socks to keep you warm this winter. Our selection features the top names in heated footwear, including Lenz and Gerbing Gyde, and are equipped with the latest in heated clothing technology. All of our electric heated socks have been manufactured with the highest standards of quality and durability to outlast even the toughest day outdoors. Featuring rechargeable, lightweight Lithium-ion batteries, many of our products feature the ability to sync the heating controls with your smartphone, in addition to the easy-to-use controls on the cuff on the sock, which allows for an even easier adjustable heat control. Whether you are looking for a pair of battery heated socks with 10 hours or 20 hours of heating ability, we have a variety of options to meet your needs. From socks designed for narrow feet to allow for a better fit and more warmth to a pair with moisture wicking capabilities, our selection of heated footwear can easily be the key to your next winter adventure.

At CozyWinters, we aim to bring you only the best in cold weather gear. We love the outdoors as much as you do which is why we feature products that have been made in an environmentally safe manner. All of our products were manufactured by highly skilled craftsman by the best names in the business. Our friendly and helpful staff would be happy to answer any questions or help you choose the right gear for your next winter adventure today!