Lenz Heated Socks

Why force yourself to have cold feet when you don't have to? Lenz Battery Heated Socks will keep your feet and toes as warm. Available in regular and slim fit, you will wonder how you ever lived without these knee high socks once you own them.

Lenz Battery Heated Socks are arguably the best electric foot warmers in the business. They use rechargeable lithium batteries to keep your feet warmer for longer periods of time. On a low setting, they can stay charged for up to 14 hours. You could spend all day on the ski slopes without ever feeling cold toes again. And because the batteries are rechargeable, you will be able to ski again the next day with no worries. You can get a full recharge in as little as five to seven hours. Charge them while you sleep and start fresh in the morning!

One of the greatest features of this sock is that it is Bluetooth enabled. You can control the amount of heat you feel in your feet from the convenience of your smart phone. Turn the heat off and on or select your preferred heat settings without having to remove your boots. The app also lets you see how much battery life you have left. This will help you know when it is time to lower your heat setting or come in for the day. What other foot warmer can do the same?

The Lenz sock is machine washable, which is vitally important for this type of gear. They also have a one year warranty. If anything should go wrong, you can feel satisfied knowing that you have a warranty as a backup to your investment.

Keeping your feet warm is not just about comfort. Warming your feet while taking part in cold weather activities keeps circulation strong. You will feel more energized and healthier with strong circulation. In fact, you may find yourself using your heated sock even when you're not outside. The warmth from the integrated heating element will keep you feeling toasty while you are relaxing at home.

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