CozyWinters: keeping you warm and safe when it's cold inside or out (since 2002)

Like most businesses, we were born out of our founder's need to solve a problem for himself. He loved winter sports, and one day, while looking back at his day on the ski slopes, he realized that if his feet hadn't been so cold while he was skiing, he'd be able to spend a lot more time in the snow instead of back at the lodge warming up. "You'd spend time and money gearing up, traveling to the slopes, (housing, rental cars, sometimes plane tickets), paying for lift tickets (which aren't getting any cheaper) only to spend an inordinate amount of time having to warm up inside, all because you just can't stay warm enough when you are outside."

It's almost like going to a popular amusement park and spending most of your day in lines instead of on rides.

He set out on a quest to find ski boot heaters and couldn't find very good ones. Eventually, after a lot of searching (and phone calls), he found our first flagship product, a high quality, ski boot heater from Europe. We started selling huge numbers - there was nothing else like them out there.

We started, as we intend to continue on... Everything we've ever done, and will ever do, relies on listening to our customers and trying to exceed their expectations.

Satisfied customers were happy with our boot heaters and started asking for more, like heated gloves. Once again, there was nothing of any quality out there, so after a lot of research, he connected a glove maker with a heating system maker and invented high-quality heated ski gloves.

Customers loved the ski gloves, and then also asked for thinner, lighter and less bulky gloves and foot warmers for other activities, so we decided to expand beyond skiwear and focus on keeping "everyone" warm and cozy, no matter what you are doing: playing or working, inside or out. CozyWinters today provides a vast array of warming products for every person and pet, indoors and out.

Speaking of pets, we started carrying our heated pet beds when we realized that people were buying our heated floor mats and using them for their pets, which was a bad idea because they were too warm for the pet. We realized the demand for heated pet beds and sourced those as well.

We source or design our products specifically for our customers needs. Suppliers love us because we design products to our customer's specs, helping them to create products people love.

Instead of pitching customers something that they might not need, we go to great lengths to anticipate our customer's needs, and listen to their requests and desires, in order to bring that next product to market. In fact, most of the heated gloves that you see on the Internet today is because we were instrumental in helping design and bring them to market.

We try hard to give our customers what they need and make sure that they are satisfied and keep coming back. Its old-fashioned service, we treat our customers how we'd like to be treated.

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