Warm & Safe Heated Clothing

Warm and safe heated gear has made significant advances in the 12v heated clothing industry to give the world their newest Warm & Safe heated gear. And, who better to offer a complete line of 12v clothing to meet your riding needs than the very company who fixed or developed most of what you have seen on the market in the last 20 years? Warm & Safe electric heated clothing is tried and true. The designers of this special clothing are avid riders themselves and each garment includes their passion and knowledge in the design to keep you warm while you ride.

We are an Authorized Warm & Safe Heated Clothing Master Distributor for North America, so if you don't see a Warm & Safe or Heat-troller product that fits your needs, please contact us, as we can often special order what you need.
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Garments like gloves, glove liners, jacket liners, base layers, socks, and pant liners offer another layer of protection against the elements. Warm & Safe heated gear is made with the consumer in mind and can connect with any 12-volt electrical system. This allows the wearer to enjoy continual warmth without worrying about keeping a battery charged. A handy feature when you plan on spending the entire day on a motorcycle or snowmobile. When everyone else needs to stop for a while to get the feeling back in their fingers and toes, you'll still be as cozy as when the fun started.

Comfort is a priority, and that's why you won't feel the wires from heating elements when you wear these products. The materials are soft and comfortable, and the temperature control panels are flexible allowing the garment to move with you instead of restricting your range of motion. This line delivers high-quality performance and style. As for storage during the summer, most garments fold up into their own pockets to save lots of space. You can be confident that Warm & Safe heated gear will do exactly what it says; keep you warm and safe when you're out in the cold. Check out our selection of temperature controlled garments and start adding to your winter wardrobe today. We're all snow enthusiasts at CozyWinters and look forward to helping you find everything you need to get the most out of winter this year and beyond.