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Clothing - Battery Heated

Our Battery Heated Clothing provides hours of warmth with the latest micro heating technology and high-tech rechargeable batteries. We have a wide range of warm garments to choose from including battery heated pants, jackets, vests, base layers, gloves, mittens, and Foot Warmers. Each item has the capability of providing warmth that lasts for hours. Our battery heated clothing items are made in such a way that heat is distributed evenly throughout the product unlike many other kinds of electric clothing that have pockets of heat and other areas that never warm up.
We only offer the best products that hold up to our standards, so if you don't see it listed here, it didn't pass the test!
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How to Store Heated Clothing Batteries Until Next Winter
Lithium ion batteries have very specific storage guidelines that, if not followed precisely, will result in damage, poor performance, and/or significantly reduced lifespan.

Can I Wash Heated Apparel?
“Can I safely wash heated apparel?” For a majority of products sold at the CozyWinters online store, the answer is yes

Prevent Cold Stress With These Tips
Every winter, OSHA issues warnings about the dangers of cold stress, a condition caused by extended exposure to a combination of low temperatures, strong wind, and dampness/wetness.

Battery Heated Clothing for Everyday Use
Winter weather can turn in an instant. Electric heated clothing can help you adjust your attire to accommodate any surprises that await you. Whether at home or out and about, heated clothing will help you stay warm. Warming jackets, socks, and slippers can come in handy on a daily basis.

Athletic Gear
Anyone who lives an active lifestyle knows just how important it is to be prepared for any situation. Our battery heated clothing will let you find everything from liner garments to jackets that can be warmed to a certain temperature. When you are out on the slopes or riding a bike, you need to stave off the colder temperatures created by the wind. If the breeze picks up anyway, you can simply turn them on to keep you warm.

Motorcycles and Snowmobiles
Riding motorcycles and snowmobiles pose a different challenge to staying warm. These individuals face extreme wind and are exposed to inclement weather, such as snow and rain. Use battery heated clothing such as gloves and pants made from thick leather. These articles are waterproof to keep the rider dry and designed to help them stay warm even when riding in high winds. Cozy Winters has battery heated clothing that includes; Base layers, shirts and pants, that are another great thing to wear under motorcycle gear to stay comfortable.

Adjusts to Any Situation
Battery heated clothing is made for all situations. When choosing the proper warming attire, the most important factor to consider is your activities for the day. For a low key day, you may only need a couple of electric warmer items to make you more comfortable. If you plan on being out in the cold for some time, you will probably want a complete set of heated clothes from CozyWinters to keep you protected from chilly temperatures.