USB Charger Adapter for Motorcycle with Pouch

Motorcycle 12v To 5v-3a USB Charger Adapter With Pouch

Never be stranded with your phone, bluetooth headset, or camera out of power!

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Coax Glove/Sock Harness

Warmgear Coax Glove/sock Harness

Connects either a pair of gloves or a pair of socks.



12-Volt Coax Auto Plug Adapter

Warmgear 12-volt Coax Auto Plug Adapter

12-volt adapter plug can be used in both the car & motorcycle.



Coax On-Off Power Switch

Warmgear Coax On-off Power Switch

Economical alternative to a Temp-Controller.



Coax Extension Cable

Warmgear Coax Extension Cable

24-inch cord length.



Coax Splitter

Warmgear Coax Splitter

Used when wearing gloves, pants & jacket.



Battery Harness with Coax Connector and Covered Fuse

Battery Harness With Coax Connector & Covered Fuse

Connects heated clothing directly to your vehicle's battery.



BMW Plug to Coax Jack Adapter

BMW Plug To Coax Jack Adapter

BMW accessory plug.



SAE to Coax Plug (Male)

Warmgear SAE To Coax Plug (male)

This adapter connects coax temp-controllers to clothing that uses SAE plugs.



SAE to Coax Jack (Female)

Warmgear SAE To Coax Jack (female)

This adapter connects clothing that uses Coax plugs to temp-controllers with SAE plugs.



Gerbing Gyde Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter - 12v Motorcycle

Gerbing Gyde Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter - 12v Motorcycle

Gyde 12V Bluetooth - 12v Motorcycle

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View Our Heated Motorcycle Gloves

WarmGear 12v Heated Motorcycle Gloves

12v Gloves and Glove Liners

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View Our 12v Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Heated Motorcycle Clothing - Jackets, Vests, Pants and more

12v Jackets, Vests, Pants and more.

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