12v Accessories

Find all the 12v accessories, 12v chargers, plugs or adapters you need to keep your 12v heating pad or other gear in top shape when you shop from our great inventory of options. We have high-quality equipment that will keep you warm and cozy through the toughest conditions, whether you simply want to stay warm during a relaxing hike outside or need reliable gear so you can ride comfortably. Designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, you know our gear will perform every day, giving you the reliable warmth you need to enjoy your favorite activities regardless of the weather.

like power switches, coat splitters, extension cables, 12v chargers and more to get the power you need for your gear. Many 12v heated pads and heated clothing accessories come with interconnected systems, enabling them to plug into each other and share one battery. Our cables can help you accomplish this task easily and efficiently, so you can keep your gear as lightweight and natural as possible. If you have gear that requires a charger, our adapters and extension cords will give you the connectivity you need anywhere, whether you are traveling or want a plugin for your vehicle. For more heated products, check out our Heated Glove Liner here!

Our great selection of 12v accessory plugs will ensure you always have the power you need for your gear wherever you are. Perfect for people who travel and need easy access from the car or motorcycle, these plugs will get the job done. Since our gear was designed for the high intensity of motorcycle riding during the winter, you know it will be reliable and durable for years, providing you the highest level of warmth and comfort possible.

Keep your gear powered and ready for use every day with our great assortment of 12v accessories and adapters. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment so you can stay cozy every day of the year, regardless of the conditions outside. Let us help you find the right gear to match your needs, so you can get back to doing the activities you love sooner!

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