Battery Harness With Coax Connector & Covered Fuse

Battery Harness With Coax Connector & Covered Fuse

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WarmGear™ Power Harness with Coax Connector, Waterproof Fuse Holder, and a 15 amp fuse.

Plastic end cap not included, as in photo.

Additional Features:
  • Connects your heated clothing directly to your vehicle's battery.
  • One provided free with the purchase of WarmGear™ Heated Clothing garment (one per order) or a Temp-Controller.
  • Length: 30"

All WarmGear™ Heated Clothing, connectors and accessories are fully compatible with Heat-Troller, Warm & Safe, Harley-Davidson, and Gerbing Heated Clothing, coax connectors and accessories.

Customer Reviews

Nice improvement adding a weather protector.
It's been years since we needed to add/replace the power port for our heated gear, much like the addition of a rubber weather plug to protect the port when it's not in use.
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