Tri-level Temp-controller With Remote Control

by Warm & Safe
Tri-level Temp-controller With Remote Control
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    Item: WG-Tri-Controller


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    Remote Control

    For your Single Button Tri-Level Temp-Controller

    Our Tri-Level Temp-Controller is an economic alternative to our Heat-Trollers and is designed to regulate the heat output of single items of 12-volt heated clothing, such as our heated gloves, socks, insoles, or pants, so you can set your level of comfort.

    The included Remote Control with Silicon Cover and Wrist Strap, easily mates to the Single Button Tri-Level Temp-Controller.

    • A Single button controls the three (3) heat levels - Low / Medium / Full On and Full Off
    • Solid State, High Tech, Safe & Reliable Electronics Designed
    • Fits comfortably into the palm of the hand or pocket
    • 3 Color LED for Heat Level Feedback
    • Battery Harness with Covered Mini Fuse & Connector Protector
    • Plug compatible with most DC heated products
    • Handles 10 amps at 12.8 volts with internal reset for overloads & shorts
    • The perfect mate for our 12v heated gloves, socks, insoles or pants
    • Remote Control included with your order

    This product is Not intended for more than one item of heated clothing. NOT RECOMMENDED for use with 12v Heated Jacket Liners or 12v Heated Vest Liners.

    Due to energy requirements, we recommend using the WarmGear Heat-Troller Single Temp-Controller and WarmGear Heat-Troller Dual Temp-Controller for 12v Heated Jacket Liners and 12v Heated Vest Liners.

    Note: The battery in the remote is REPLACEABLE. The battery type used is a 2032 which is a standard battery type that can be found at most places that sell batteries. In the event your remote does not sync up with your controller, simply replace the battery with a new battery.

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