Generation 4 Men's 12v Heated Jacket Liner

Generation 4 Men's 12v Heated Jacket Liner

by Warm & Safe    

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Please Note:

This product is intended to be used with a 12-volt electrical system like found on most vehicles or machinery. Most common uses are with Motorcycles, Auto, Snowmobiles, ATV's, etc.

Please be aware that this clothing is not intended to be used with a battery pack due to the energy requirements of the heating elements.

Our Generation 4 Warm & Safe 12v men's heated jacket liners are light, thin and body fitting. These form fitting 12v heated jackets fit close to the body without sacrificing comfort while allowing optimum heat transfer to the body. These heated jacket liners provide instant heat in the front, in the lower back, in the upper back, and in the neck. The jacket also provides heat in each of the sleeves. The liners are designed to be temperature neutral. They will keep you warm in cold zones and provide weather protection in warm zones when no heat is needed, no need to stop by the side of the road to dress and undress. Warm & Safe developed the use of the DC Coax Power Plug and Jack for Heated Clothing, ALL Warm & Safe Heated Clothing use their designed Connectors which give a more efficient connection, are smaller, and are plug compatible with the many other 12v clothing brands on the market.

An ingenious design by Warm & Safe ensured that each Line is capable of running with either a single or dual heat-troller. The wiring is in a parallel formation so that if one wire fails, the whole line still works. All our liners come wired with glove and pants connectors. Small zippered pockets are hidden in the jackets to use to store and zip away when integrated plugs are not in use. No more dangling cords that get in your way when the heating system is not needed.

The Generation 4 heated jacket liners have two new features. The first new feature is our NEW Soft Heat. Soft Heat is light and flexible, safe and efficient, with no hot spots. The second new feature you will notice on the Generation 4 Liner is the reflective material, it helps to be seen at night.

Every Warm & Safe Liner comes with a 12 X 10 X 2 inches stowing pouch making easy to pack when not in use.

Additional Features:
  • 90 Watts of Heat using our NEW Soft Heat Pure Science Heating Method
  • Reflective "Illuminate" to keep safe at night when wearing it as a jacket
  • Anti-bacterial Stretch Panels to keep heat against the body
  • Breathable Nylon Fabric with Wind Stop and Moisture Block
  • Locker Hang Loop
  • Pocket in Pocket Designed to hold the Remote Heat-troller
  • Single or Dual Controller Functionality
  • 90 Watts and 7.5 amp draw at 12.8 volts
  • Tall Size is 2 inches (50mm) Longer Body, 1.5 inch (35mm) Longer Sleeves


Includes: One Coax Splitter

All Our Heated Gear should be used with an optional Heat-troller.

Note: One FREE Fused Battery Harness is included with each clothing order. Click here to order additional Fused Battery Harnesses.

Our Warm & Safe 12v Heated Clothing interconnects, so plug your Heated Gloves into the sleeve plug on the Warm & Safe Heated Jacket Liner. The Warm & Safe Heated Pants Liner plugs into the Accessory Jack at the bottom front of the Warm & Safe Heated Jacket Liner. Learn more...

All our Warm & Safe Heated Gear 12v Heated Clothing, connectors and accessories are fully compatible with Heat-Troller, WarmGear, Harley-Davidson, and Gerbing Heated Clothing, coax connectors and accessories.


Heated Jacket Liner Sizing Chart (in inches) **
Size Chest *** Waist Arm Length ****
Small 37-39" 34" 33"
Medium 40-42" 35-36" 35"
Large 43-45" 37-39" 36"
XLarge 46-49" 40-42" 37"
XXLarge 50-53" 43-47" 38"
XXXLarge 53-57" 48-50" 39"
** This size guide is for suggestion only.
*** For your chest size, measure around the fullest area of the chest, holding the measuring tape level and firm.
**** To measure arm length: with elbow bent, measure from the center of the back of neck, then over top of the shoulder, then over the elbow and down to the wrist. Since this is a liner it is not as important that the arm length be perfect.

Regular Liner vs. Tall Liner
Our tall styles are for you if regular-sized shirts fit in the chest and shoulders, but the body length and sleeves are often too short. Tall Liner is 2" longer in the body & 1.5" longer in the sleeves.

Measuring Tips
Here are some tips to help you order the correct size. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold it alongside a ruler. (For men, if you use your t-shirt size you should be right on).

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