Heated Mattress Pad for Unique Size Mattresses

Heated Mattress Pad for Unique Size Mattresses
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    Please refer to table below for size descriptions.

    Please measure your mattress size before ordering

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    Unique Mattress Size? Our Heated Mattress Pad will Fit!

    Now, those of us with a non-standard size mattress can enjoy the benefits of a heated mattress pad. With our Unique Sized Heated Mattress Pads, you can turn down your thermostat and stay cozy warm all night long. Harvard University's Green Campus Initiative reports, "For each degree you turn down your thermostat, you'll save 3 percent on heating bills."

    Here is a fact you might not know: Heated Mattress Pads are much more energy efficient than an electric blanket because of the way they are used.
    Other Standard Size Heated Mattress Pads
    Low Voltage


    Your covers hold in the heat that rises from below. The heat from an electric blanket rises from above you and escapes into the room.
    • Many Unique and hard-to-find sizes
    • Energy Efficient
    • Drive the dampness from the bedding which builds from the normal nightly perspiration
    • Larger models are available with dual Comfort Controls
    • No clicking noise from the control
    • Heating elements imperceptible to the touch; no bulky wires
    • Consistent & even heat distribution
    • 115 Volt
    • Fitted mattress pad - fits mattresses up to 14" deep
    • Can be machine washed on a gentle cycle

      ETL Listed
    • Controller cord lengths, 12ft
    • Power cord length from Controller, 7ft
    • Auto-shut off after 10 hours of continuous use for safety
    • ETL Listed to assure safe operation
    • One Year Warranty
    • Made in the USA

    Mattress/Bed Style Dimensions
    Single (Long)
    Single size is smaller than the twin size.
    30" x 80"
    Single (Extra Long)
    Single size is smaller than the twin size.
    30" x 84"
    Standard Twin 38" x 74"
    D Twin (Long), Or One Side of Split King 38" x 80"
    Twin (Extra Long) 38" x 84"
    Full (Standard), single control 54" x 74"
    Full (Standard), dual (2) controls* 54" x 74"
    Full (Long), single control 54" x 80"
    Full (Long), dual (2) controls* 54" x 80"
    Full (Extra Long), single control 54" x 84"
    Short Queen (Used in RVs), single control 60" x 74"
    Short Queen (Used in RVs), dual (2) controls* 60" x 74"
    Queen (Standard), single control 60" x 80"
    Queen (Standard), dual (2) controls* 60" x 80"
    Queen (Long), dual (2) controls* 60" x 80"
    Olympic Queen, single controls 66" x 88"
    Olympic Queen, dual dual (2) controls* 66" x 88"
    California King, dual (2) controls* 72" x 84"
    King (Standard), dual (2) controls* 76" x 80"
    King (Long), dual (2) controls* 76" x 84"
    • Measure your bed and ensure it matches the size listed above. Wrong size orders could result in pre-mature failure and/or warranty disqualifications.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    My home heating costs are high, will this warmer cost me more for electricity?
    No. In fact, with a Heated Mattress Pad, you can turn down the heat in your home during the night and still sleep comfortably. By turning down the heat in your home, you will not only save on heating fuel costs, but your furnace blower, refrigerator and freezer will also run less in a cooler house. This will help reduce power costs.

    How do I know what size I need?
    You need to match the warmer to your bed size in both width and length.

    Is the Heated Mattress Pad washable?
    The fitted mattress pad and detachable cords and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

    Are they safe if something is spilled on them (or a child wets the bed)?
    Yes. The heating element wires within the mattress pad are shielded. In the case of bed wetting, there is also a cleanliness issue. We recommend covering the heated mattress pad with a rubber sheet that can be purchased at most department stores. The rubber sheet will help keep the bed warmer clean and will reduce the need to clean it regularly.

    Can I use your Heated Mattress Pad on an adjustable bed?
    Absolutely! The fitted models are recommended, and work very well. In fact, customers using adjustable beds represent one of the largest percentages of bed warmer users.

    Does the Comfort Control temperature control make a clicking sound when you change the temperature setting?
    No. The temperature control is very quiet and transitions smoothly from one temperature setting to another.

    Are your Heated Mattress Pads UL Approved?
    YES! The Heated Mattress Pads have passed the rigorous Underwriters Laboratory testing and have been proven to be safe.

    Where are the Mattress Pads made?
    The bedwarmers are manufactured in the United States in the state of Ohio.

    In my electric blanket, I can feel the heating wires and they are uncomfortable to me. Are the heating wires in an Heated Mattress Pad uncomfortable as well?
    Absolutely Not! The heating wires used in the mattress pad are inserted into the padding of the warmer in order to make them undetectable when you are sleeping.

    What do you recommend for young children or elderly people?
    We recommend that the person using the Heated Mattress Pad be able to adjust the temperature control and be able to know what to do if they are too warm. We do not recommend the bed warmer for children under the age of 5.

    Can I use a Heated Mattress Pad in my camper or trailer?
    Yes, our Bed and Bunk Warmer Pads for Trucks and RV's are designed to use the cigarette lighter. Our Bed and Bunk Warmer Pads for Trucks and RV's come with a 12 volt connector to allow them to be plugged into the cigarette lighter. Any of the 115v models work with your RV when you have a regular 115v hook-up.

    I am a Massage Therapist, can I use a Heated Mattress Pad on my massage table?
    We produce a Message Table Warmer specifically for use by Massage Therapists. This warmer allows the therapist to lower the room temperature for a cooler working environment, while keeping the client comfortable and relaxed.

    I have a large mattress (Queen or King) and my partner likes to be cool and I like to be warm. Can you help?
    Absolutely! Our larger models are available with dual Comfort Controls. This allows each person to select the temperature they want.

    I am a truck driver and I have to keep my engine idling while I sleep in order to stay warm, do you have anything that I can use to stay warm without having to keep my engine going?
    Yes! Our Heated Truck and RV Bunk Pads are designed with truck drivers in mind. The cord is 10 feet long which gives you plenty of length to reach from the cigarette lighter socket to your bunk. This allows you to sleep comfortably without having to idle your truck. The warmer will pay for itself in just a couple days in fuel savings alone. You will also be cutting down on air pollution from the exhaust fumes from your truck. Our bunk warmers are in use all over the United States by many trucking fleets.

    * Dual Control Heated Mattress Pads include two controllers, one for each side of the mattress pad, allow each user to individually adjust the temperature. Dual controllers requires 2 outlets, one for each side for each controller.
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