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Yaktrax is committed to providing high quality traction devices for all winter activities. Our patented coil traction devices are designed to help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy themselves with greater traction than ever before.

Snow and Ice Traction Cleats stretch on under shoes or boots to improve traction & safety on ice or snow. Yaktrax cleats are part of a trusted brand designed to provide you with high quality traction and safety during recreational and work-related activities during the winter months. Winter brings the opportunity for slips and falls on ice, but you can protect yourself with Yaktrax cleats and other safety products.

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The Yaktrax walker ice cleats feature a lightweight design to add traction and stability to your walk on packed ice and snow. The unique design of the Yaktrax walker includes easy on and off, hand-wound coils for 360 degrees of traction, and an outer band that conforms to the size of your shoe. The unique Walker is even approved by the National Health & Wellness Club.

For the active adult, the Yaktrax Pro Spikeless ice cleats are made of a rubber blend to provide durability so you can work safely and play safely during the winter months.

Featuring a removable performance strap and biting edges to grip icy surfaces, you can feel free to exercise, walk to work, and play outside, even when the weather seems to say otherwise. Wintertrax are spike-less and ultra light, with abrasion resistant steel coils and 360 degrees of traction. Packed snow and ice are no match for these one-size-fits-most shoe and boot accessory, stretching over your footwear and providing you with side-to-side and front-to-back security.

The unique SkiTrax traction devices are equipped with an innovative Roll Sole design to help you maintain a natural walking rhythm.

Protect your ski boot soles from wear and increase your traction when you have to walk on slippery ice and snow. Designed with a polyelastomer material, SkiTrax can be worn even when the winter chill dips as low as -41F. Easy installation and removal are possible with a heel tab, and a rounded designed helps to prevent snow buildup.

CozyWinters helps you prepare for winter with unique safety gear, durable ice cleats, and quality Yaktrax products for icy and slippery surfaces. Avoid injury and accidents with innovative protection for cold seasons and dangerous seasonal conditions. Stay safe and get ready for active winter days with Yaktrax ice cleats!