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Due North Traction Cleats (formerly known as Get-A-Grip) are equipped with innovative, replaceable Ice Diamond Tungsten Carbide spikes to give you more confidence to walk and run on icy and snowy conditions. A variety of styles are available for our ice grips for shoes to accommodate various activities, weather conditions and budgets.

Snow spikes for shoes and Ice Cleats stretch on under shoes or boots to improve traction & safety on ice or snow. Due North cleats are available in a selection of styles and sizes so you can stay safe on the ice and snow, providing you with extra traction thanks to innovative Ice Diamond Tungsten Carbide spikes.

Slips and falls on icy surfaces cause serious injury each year, but you can add an extra layer of protection with high quality Due North ice grips for shoes from CozyWinters. Due North Everyday cleats are suitable for all types of footwear and feature a spike diamond pattern for excellent grip and improved traction on sidewalks and roads. The everyday snow spikes for shoes are versatile, durable, and lightweight.

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Store the compact Due North Everyday snow grips for shoes in your purse or coat pocket and strap them on again when you are headed back out into the elements. Durable Due North All-Purpose cleats are excellent for any walkers, hikers, runners, or outdoor workers. Innovative bi-directional tread gives you added traction on ice and snow, a spike diamond pattern creates more grip, and 12 Carbide Tungsten Spikes last 10 times longer than steel.

Created with a compact, lightweight design, no straps or snaps, and a contoured fit, Due North All-Purpose cleats give you excellent stability and maximum grip. For oversized boots, check out the XLarge Extreme Due North cleats, designed for safety while you work or play on the ice and snow.

When winter weather hits hard, replacement Carbide Tungsten spikes are long-lasting and high quality, replaced in seconds without any extra tools. The replacement spikes work with Due North Everyday cleats and Due North All-Purpose cleats. These superior Ice Diamond carbide spike tabs work to give you maximum grip on slippery winter surfaces. Replacement tabs are easily replaced; push spikes from the inside to the outside of the sole.

Keep an extra set on hand for extra protection!The risk of injury and accident during the winter months is not worth the pain; protect yourself with durable, long-lasting Due North cleat products while you run, walk, hike, and work in ice, snow, and sleet.

CozyWinters provides you with the winter gear you need to stay safe and stable during cold months.