Oversized Boots Get-A-Grip Advanced Snow & Ice Cleats, Size XLarge

Oversized Boots Get-A-Grip Advanced Snow & Ice Cleats, Size XLarge

by SureFoot Due North    

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XLarge Get-A-Grip Extreme for Oversized Boots - WALK, RUN & HIKE with CONFIDENCE on Ice and Snow!

Preferred by the US Postal Service and the US Military... what more reason do you need to go with Get-A-Grips! How about Carbide Tungsten spikes and special compound rubber for long lasting performance?

Get-A-Grip Advanced™ Due North All Purpose Traction Cleats increases traction and helps to prevent slips and falls on snow and ice, reducing the risk of possible pulled muscles, fractures and back problems caused by a quick slip or fall.

The Get-A-Grip ice cleats are designed for people who want greater stability on ice and snow. Ideal for any age of those who walk, run, hike or work outdoors. With a snug contoured fit, footwear and product become one. No snaps, straps or buckles. For use on all footwear.

Additional Features:
  • Bi-Directional Tread provides added traction
  • 12 Carbide Tungsten Spikes per pair, REPLACEABLE (last 10 times longer than steel) for maximum grip on ice and snow
  • Spike diamond pattern allows more push off and lateral grip
  • Quick Fit™ support rings and holes provides easy adjustment and easier on and off
  • Wide heel band gives better grip, durability and longer wear
  • No straps, snaps or buckles
  • Lightweight - footwear and product become one
  • Compact - product stores easily into handbag, briefcase, glove box or jacket pocket


  • Size: Oversized /Bulky Boots and Pac Boots sizes 10+ or Standard Footwear 13.5-15
  • Weight: 10 oz. (pair)
  • Material: Special compound rubber that retains elasticity in all temperatures - won't stretch out!
  • Color: Black
  • Sold in pairs
Slip and Fall Facts
  1. Slip and Fall injuries are the 3rd largest cause of workplace injuries. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  2. According to the National Safety Council, slips and falls are the single largest cause of Emergency Room visits
  3. The average slip and fall injury costs $28,000. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Slip and Fall Prevention:
  • Reduce workers' compensation costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve morale

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Work Safely This Winter!


Size Men's Boot
XLarge - Extreme
for Oversized Boots
Size 10+ for Oversized / Bulky Boots and Pac Boots
or Standard Footwear 13.5-15

Looking for smaller sizes?
We have smaller sizes of Get-A-Grip Advanced - Due North All Purpose Snow & Ice Traction Cleats

Get-A-Grip - Due North Replacement Spikes (6 Pack)
Sale Price: $6.95
Replacement carbide tungsten spikes for your Get-A-Grip ice cleats.
WinterGrips Lite Ice Cleats (2-Pack)
Sale Price: $14.95
Great for that unexpected snow or ice storm, so keep a pair everywhere you might need them.

Customer Reviews

Great for running!
I bought these as a replacement for the ones my husband had for many years. We both use them for running on icy and snowy roads in New Hampshire. The old ones get used for going down to the mailbox or any other time we go out when it's very icy. I even keep a pair in my car for emergencies. I was a massage therapist for 22 years until my recent retirement and always recommended these to my clients, who sometimes didn't listen until after having a bad fall. Once they got them, they became advocates as well.
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