Skitrax - Ski Boot Traction Device

Skitrax - Ski Boot Traction Device

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Traction for Your Ski Boots

SkiTrax™ have a unique patent pending “Roll Sole” design that promotes a natural walking motion. SkiTrax will protect ski boot soles from excessive wear ensuring a proper fit in ski bindings. SkiTrax will also enhance traction when walking on snow and ice. You will be able to walk naturally with confidence in your ski boots. SkiTrax are made of a resilient and easy-to-use polyelastomer material which easily adapts to the shape of ski boots. SkiTrax can be worn in temperatures as low as -41° Fahrenheit.

Additional Features:
  • Protects ski boot sole
  • Resilient yet sturdy construction allows for easy walking
  • Rounded tread design adds traction and prevents snow build-up
  • Heel tab for easy installation and removal
  • Easily fits on all Alpine Ski Boots
  • Carry bag included
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10-14 oz./pair
  • Material: Natural Rubber
  • Sold in pairs
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