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SporTube Ski & Snowboard Hard Travel Cases

Number 1 Ski and Snowboard Hard Travel Cases (period).
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If you’re traveling across the country to spend some leisure time at your favorite ski and snowboard resort, then make sure to pack wisely and use the Sportube® hard ski case and the Sportube® snowboard hard case.

Since snowboards, skis and ski poles can easily get damaged and warped due to improper packing, it is not an overstatement to say that the difference between an enjoyable vacation and a mishap-ridden trip may be your packing decisions.

In order to ensure that your snowboards don’t get dinged, dented, or scratched, there’s the Sportube® Hard Snowboard Case. Made of the same high-density polyethylene plastic as the hard ski cases, it also come with wheels that allow you to easily pull it around in the airport like any other piece of luggage. If you have an especially large set of skis or snowboard—which may be the case with newer models—then go for the Special Edition Sportube®. Like the previous models, the hard snowboard case is made of high-density polyethylene plastic and comes with wheels to make it easier to move around everywhere you go. It is designed to fit the newest ski models and binding systems, so it is larger than previous versions.

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The tips and bindings of your skis are the most susceptible to damage, which means that you need luggage that is specifically designed to carry equipment safely and securely. Considering that your ski and snowboard equipment is an important acquisition, why not invest a little more to make sure it is well taken care of and properly transported? Use our SporTube case for the best protection available.

Luckily, CozyWinters offers a variety of high-quality packing options from only the best brand names. The Sportube Case® Hard Ski Case Series 1, for example, makes travelling a lot easier by allowing you to pull along your skis on wheels. Made of high-density polyethylene plastic, the case can carry either a pair of alpine skis and poles or two pairs of Nordic skis and poles. If you want to carry multiple pairs of skis and poles, then there’s also the Sportube Case® Hard Ski Case Series 3. Made of the same materials as the Series 1 case, it is designed to safely transport several pairs of skis. With a weight of fourteen pounds, it is made to be durable and at the same time easy to move around. Both the Series and Series 3 come with a five year warranty.