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Coat & Accessory Racks

CozyWinters wall mount coat racks and storage racks are the perfect solutions to your storage needs. While they are the perfect place for jackets, that is not the only thing you can organize with these products. They are also good for accessories, ski poles, fishing poles, helmets, and so much more.

Finding organizational space can be difficult, but if you can utilize open spaces, you can free up a lot more room. That is where these tools come in handy. Because they are wall-mounted, these organizational tools can greatly free up your storing space. And our units are helpful in any vacation home you may have as well.

Try a ski pole or snow jacket organizer to hang your winter gear at your ski cabin – and even get one made from a ski to add to the decor. Hang your fishing poles, life jackets, and kayak and canoe gear in your lake or beach house. And check out the wakeboard-recycled options. Or just store your summer and winter gear in your home for safe keeping all year long.

With a CozyWinters wall mounted coat rack and storage racks, you can rest assured that it has been made to last. All of your options are easy to assemble and install so you can be ready to start organizing and protecting your things shortly after purchase.

With our products, you have many options for how you want to store and display your items. Choose from horizontal and vertical frames for sports gear. On some wooden models, you can choose from oak or pine to ensure the style fits your home’s décor. With our wall mounted coat rack and storage racks, you can organize every room in your house. Store jackets in the entry. Sports gear in a shed or garage. Towels in the bathroom. And clothes in the bedroom.

With stylish coat rack wall mount options available such as gold stain finishes and our many snowboard and ski options, you do not have to sacrifice style for utility. With CozyWinters, your home will be organized in no time. Start the organizing process with our wall mounted coat rack and storage racks.