SkiChair Ski Chairs & Snowboard Benches

If you are a true snow sports lover, then you are going to want a CozyWinters snowboard bench or Ski Chair. Our unique ski furniture is like nothing you have ever seen – at least not in seat form – and the ski bench can be custom designed to your wants.

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Skichairs are 100% handmade with five-quarter inch Port Orford Cedar, the finest most durable material for outdoor use, and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. Hand Made Skichairs, come complete with matching ottoman.

Benches are made entirely of recycled products and utilize recycled skis and boards. The legs are made from recycled plastics.

Skichair products reflect the passion and lifestyle of outdoor enthusiasts in their relaxation!

You play in style, Rest in Style

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MUST Have for Skiers/Snowboarders

Heated Ski Boot Bag
and Gear Dryer

Heat your ski boots on the way to the slopes, making hard boots warm and more comfortable to wear all day!
Dry your boots & gear on the way home!

You will feel like you are riding up to the top of the mountain and speeding down the diamond paths even when seated in the back yard. These seats and swings are made from real sports equipment that have been taken and recycled into cool backyard furniture. These products have been taken from the slopes in slightly blemished, lightly used form and have been recreated to make the perfect addition to your home. Plus, they are customizable.

When you buy a snowboard bench or an Adirondack ski chair from us, we will hand-make it to your specifications. We have over 121 different skis and 41 different snowboard models and colors so you can get just the right seat for your household. And even customized and homemade, your seat will still be ready for delivery in two weeks from when you purchase it.

For those that are handy or ambitious, you can even choose to put it together yourself. This could be a great project to keep yourself in a winter state of mind even in the off-season. Buying a CozyWinters snowboard bench or Ski Chair gives you a piece of furniture that is fully unique. Even without the customizable options, you will likely not find anything similar in other people’s backyards. It is sure to catch the eyes of all of your guests. Plus, we have more than just seating made from this recycled winter gear and snowboard bench legs. You could get matching wine holders or coat and accessory racks in these styles as well.

If the mountain isn’t your winter arena of choice, and you much prefer the ice to the snow, then check out our hockey seats instead. You’ll feel right at home sitting on a seat made from hockey sticks.

When you are ready for a seating option unlike any other, then take a look at a CozyWinters snowboard bench or ski Adirondack chair.