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Snowboard Storage Racks and Displays

If you’re looking for a way to keep your snowboard in tip-top shape during the off-season, then a snowboard storage rack is your best bet. Although you might have been tempted to expose your board to the cruelties of damp and dark corners of your house—your garage, basement, attic, or shed—these are no places for the prized investment that brings you so much joy come powder season. Use our snowboard wall mount to keep your board in great condition.

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If you want to avoid starting off next season with considerably less pop in your board, consider these high-quality snowboard racks from only the best brands. From heavy-duty polyurethane snowboard storage racks to handmade wood racks for snowboard display, the options are tailored to every need. What better way to impress guests than with a rack full of cool snowboards on your wall? Get conversations going with the three-board horizontal display rack from CozyWinters.

Made of thirteen layers of laminated birch wood, this hand-crafted rack is designed to hold not only snowboards, but wakeboards and surfboards as well. For those who are looking for a more minimalist look, there’s Bordz-Up Snowboard Display and Storage Rack, which ingeniously converts your board’s gravitational force into horizontal pressure that keeps it in place on any wall.

You can also store your boards vertically with RAX Home Wall Mount Snowboard Storage Racks. With a built-in drainage system for eliminating residual snow and ice, this floor-standing storage system is made up of handmade wood racks that come with an appealing tongue and groove exterior. And for small places with little storage space like condos and apartments, there are the Freestanding Ski and Snowboard Storage Racks.

Made of polyurethane, these durable snowboard display racks are designed to either stand alone or connect with universal storage systems. Whatever the need, CozyWinters offers a wide selection of American-made products that use only the best decay-resistant materials and are processed in an environmentally conscious manner.