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Commercial Size Board Storage Racks

If you’re into the business of selling sporting equipment, then you likely need a ski or snowboard storage rack and your merchandise. Cozy Winters has the best commercial ski racks available online.

Whether you’re looking to store skis, skateboards, snowboards, wakeboards, surfboards, or sailboards, there are several options for keeping your merchandise on display and your storage room neat and tidy. Not only will this help you categorize your equipment and save space, it can also help you display your merchandise in a more attractive manner.

CozyWinters offers all kinds of solutions for your storage needs. From freestanding ski racks to wall-mounted racks and racks with wheels for easy placement in your store, we offer commercial board storage racks that help to organize your sports merchandise in the most suitable fashion, depending on the specific configuration of your store space.

If you want to create customized racks that store and display both skis and snowboards, we have the perfect solution for you. The Configure-Your-Own Rack Unit allows you to mix and match multiple racks—each with a male and female connector—in a way that suits your storage needs. Made of ultra-durable polyurethane and available in red, blue, or black, individual rack units can hold up to seven pairs of cross-country skis and four snowboards.

For those who desire freestanding options, CozyWinters offers systems that can store up to thirty-two snowboards and twenty pairs of skis. Alternatively, there are also wall-mounted racks that can hold up to sixteen snowboards or wakeboards horizontally. Both the freestanding and wall-mounted racks are made of powder coated steel and come with black polycarbonate arms.

An ideal storage option for sporting equipment rental shops and ski resorts is the RAX Commercial Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack. Available with wheel kit sets, this storage rack can be easily moved around and placed in a convenient place in your store. Proven to take up thirty-three percent less space than other common storage systems, the RAX storage rack can hold up to thirty two sets of skis.

The same company also offers the RAX Corner Ski Storage Rack. Also available with wheel kit sets, this commercial storage solution is ideal for accommodating skis with tail widths of up to 102 mm. Like many of CozyWinters’ products, it is made of eco-friendly handmade materials. Also, it comes with an attractive tongue and groove exterior built of second growth cedar.