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Boot Dryers for Ski Homes, Shops and Commercial Use

Welcome to the Internet's largest selection of quality boot warmer and boot dryers from Chinook, Cyclone, DryX, Heater Craft, Innova, and Williams. If you don't see it listed here, it means it didn't pass the test!
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Help Prevent Trench Foot with a Boot Dryer
Trench foot is a painful ailment that affects the skin, tissue, and nerves in the feet. It is caused by prolonged exposure to damp conditions or lengthy immersion in cold, unsanitary water, and can result in numbness, swelling, discoloration, blistering, and bleeding under the skin.

Why Use a Boot Dryer?

Keeping winter adventurers on the move generates business. When wet gear begins to pile up, commercial boot dryers or boot warmers may be the solution to getting boots dry, on customers, and out the door again. The world of commercial boot dryers offers a myriad of choices—ambient air versus heated air, unit size and configuration, straightforward drying or added deodorizing features.

Fortunately, CozyWinters has done the legwork and assembled the finest assortment of commercial boot dryers from INNOVA, Chinook, Dry-X, Cyclone, Williams and DryGuy. Successful businesses place a premium on customer comfort and satisfaction.

When a business depends on winter sports gear, comfort means utilizing effective, efficient commercial dryers. Donning wet gear immediately sends blasts of cold shooting through the wearer. Conversely, putting on dry gear makes people feel warmer longer. Commercial boot dryers are necessary because boots cannot dry adequately on their own. Since they possess a single opening, air will not circulate freely through them. Air stagnates in the boot, and this stagnated air stimulates bacteria growth. Dryers force air into the boot, drying the inside of the boot completely and efficiently. This drying process inhibits bacteria growth, which reduces skin irritation and odor.

A step above standard bacteria fighting measures, INNOVA A boot warmer and our commercial dryers also disinfect and deodorize. Ionization technology destroys molecules that hold odor, rendering garments virtually bacteria and odor free.Both room-temperature air and heated air can be used to effectively dry gear. Heated air produces faster results and can return gear to circulation more quickly. Ambient air reduces wear and tear on the garment but often requires overnight drying. Dry-X and Chinook both use room-temperature air to dry boots and gear. Cyclone uses a high amount of heat and air to achieve the fastest drying time at 20 minutes.  The Williams Dyer units offer a compromise: the operator chooses heat or room temperature air, depending on the time constraints for drying.

Commercial dryers range in size from the compact, quick drying Cyclone 2 Pair Boot & 2 Pair Glove Dryer to the Williams 60 Pair Boot Dryer. Wall-mounted, free-standing and portable units come in all shapes and sizes. Many units can be configured in ways that work for specific commercial ventures. If none of these commercial drying racks seem like quite the right fit, custom orders for Williams Dryers may also be placed through CozyWinters.