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Locker Boot Dryers

Our locker dryers are super for fitting in Mud Room cabinets, Rental Shop Lockers, Hotels, Locker Rooms, Ski Homes or wherever else a locker dryer is needed. All of our Locker Boot Dryers are professional systems that will provide you, your family, or your business with full scale professional grade dryers for small places.

Small spaces cry out for innovative boot dryer designs, which explains why locker boot dryers don’t stay relegated to lockers. These small dryers can fit into all kinds of cozy spaces. From cabinets and corner nooks to actual lockers, these dryers work where space is at a premium.

Chinook offers two wall-mounted locker boot dryers: the One Pair Boot & Glove Dryer for single users or the 2 Pair Boot & Glove Dryer, perfect for sharing. Chinooks dry boots and gloves by forcing room-temperature air through the garments.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the Chinook units feature a textured, powder coated paint finish for lasting durability. A 12-hour timer ensures that boots and gloves can dry overnight without worry. Each unit also comes equipped with an on/off switch and a lifetime warranty. Dry-X offers a 1 Pair Boot & Glove Dryer that can be extended to a 2 Pair Boot & Glove Dryer for an additional charge. Dry-X units function on a no-heat principle. Although garments take longer to dry using room temperature air, they remain protected from the ravages that constant heat can wreak on wet winter gear.

Room-temperature air poses no safety concerns, so the unit can remain on for long periods of time. Estimated drying time falls between 2-6 hours. Versatile Dry-X dryers feature hoses that can be extended, bent and configured in any way necessary to dry even the hardest to reach places. CycloneWith 20 minute drying times, Cyclone dryers excel when hitting the slopes again is a priority. These small, fast-acting units dry with copious amounts of air and heat. The heat reaches a temperature approximately 30 degrees higher than the ambient air.

The Cyclone 4 Pair Gear Dryer V2 boasts eight arms for multiple configurations of boots, gloves and helmets. Attachable extensions—available for additional purchase-- maximize drying capability for all kinds of garments. This locker boot dryer easily mounts inside a locker or other small space.The small but powerful Cyclone - 2 Pair Boot and Glove Dryer is a sleek black, steel unit with a striking red logo. This unit, which can be wall-mounted or used free-standing, offers four arms for drying boots, gloves or helmets. It includes a programmable timer with four different timing options and a one-year warranty.