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Chinook Boot and Glove Dryers

All Chinook Boot dryers are machine shop crafted quality and backed with a Lifetime Warranty! and backed with a Lifetime Warranty! Our boot and glove dryers are perfect for either portable air drying OR at home drying- Take one home today!

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Help Prevent Trench Foot with a Boot Dryer
Trench foot is a painful ailment that affects the skin, tissue, and nerves in the feet. It is caused by prolonged exposure to damp conditions or lengthy immersion in cold, unsanitary water, and can result in numbness, swelling, discoloration, blistering, and bleeding under the skin.

Why Use a Boot Dryer?

Still squishing through winter in soggy gear? No need to slog into wet boots and gloves. Chinook boot dryers and Chinook glove dryers match all types of budgetary and drying needs. Meet each outdoor adventure warm and dry, ready to work or play. Chinook boot dryers and glove dryers dry winter gear by circulating room temperature air through the garment. 

Boots and gloves require forced air circulation in order to dry properly. They cannot easily dry on their own, since one end of the garment is closed. Without proper drying equipment, air goes into the garment and stagnates, prolonging wetness and building bacteria. Chinook dryers circulate air properly, staving off bacteria growth and preventing unpleasant odors.  

Winter fun includes socializing after the end of a long day in the snow, instead of waiting for boots to dry. Chinook units with a drying capacity of two or more pairs of boots and gloves come with a 12-hour automatic shut off. Set the timer and forget about gloves and boots until the next day’s fun is about to begin. Chinook drying units range from individual size to family size. The smallest Chinook unit dries one pair of boots and one pair of gloves.  

The compact size and use of a standard household plug makes it easy to pack and take along on vacation, to the office, anywhere that boots might need some fresh air. At only 3.5 pounds, carrying the unit may be easier than wrangling skis and poles. The low price point renders this unit affordable for almost any budget. The largest Chinook unit dries six pairs of boots and six pairs of gloves—enough for an entire ski party or a large family. The 36 pound unit comes can be wall mounted or used free-standing.

Even a unit that can handle this amount of cold weather gear still uses a standard household plug. Place it in a convenient location and everyone in the party can enjoy dry gear as they head back into the wonder of winter the next day.Chinook products come with a limited lifetime warranty.