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Williams Boot and Glove Dryers

Government and Corporate volume pricing available.
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Williams Boot Dryers - Electric Boot Dryer & also Electric Glove Dryer, dry all types of items that do not lend themselves to being dried by tumble style dryers. Warmed or ambient air is distributed within the electric boot dryer & electric glove dryer providing an efficient, non abrasive & energy efficient approach to typically dry in about one hour. An electric boot dryer & electric glove dryer have many health and safety benefits. All of our Williams Direct Boot and Glove Dryers are hand-built in North America and come with 24-hour wall timer and plug into a standard 110v outlet. We also offer a 220v option on some models at no extra charge.

We are an Authorized Williams Direct Dryer Master Distributor for North America, so if you don't see a configuration that fits your needs, please contact us, as we can often special order what you need. We guarantee the lowest shipping costs in North America on our Williams Boot and Glove Dryers.

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Help Prevent Trench Foot with a Boot Dryer
Trench foot is a painful ailment that affects the skin, tissue, and nerves in the feet. It is caused by prolonged exposure to damp conditions or lengthy immersion in cold, unsanitary water, and can result in numbness, swelling, discoloration, blistering, and bleeding under the skin.

Why Use a Boot Dryer?

When demands for large amounts of dry winter gear get serious, Williams Boot Dryers answers with solid, safety-tested commercial boot dryers. With over 25 years in the business, Williams Direct Dryers offers quality workmanship and superior attention to detail. Perfect for ski homes, ski shops or any kind of commercial venture, Williams offers an array of dryer sizes and configurations to match all kinds of boot and glove drying needs.

Williams Boot Dryers meet the demand for efficiently dried gear. Dryer arms, which hold the boots in place, deliver the air where it is needed most—the toe of the boot. The air forced into the toe then travels back toward the boot opening, effectively drying every inch of the boot’s interior. Properly caring for expensive winter gear extends its lifespan. The choice of heated or non-heated air can be a key factor in helping boots see another winter.

Williams Direct Dryers offer heated or non-heated drying settings on their products. Choosing heated drying when boots must be used again the same day and choosing non-heated air when boots can dry overnight spares the boot liner the wear and tear of constant heat application. In addition to being eco-friendly by prolonging the life of winter gear, non-heated air provides an energy efficient option for longer-term drying.

Standard features on all Williams Direct Dryers include:

• Heated or non-heated drying• 24-hour timer

• On/Off Switch

• Standard outlet plug

• Energy saving technology

• Steel construction

• Durable, powder coated paint finish

• One-hour drying time

• Upside down drying--prevents foreign objects from entering the boot as it dries

Designed with a multitude of spatial orientations and drying capacities in mind, Williams Boot Dryers and Williams Glove Dryers range from small to extra-large. The smallest units—the 6-pair boot and 6-pair glove dryer and the 8-pair boot and 8-pair glove dryer—make a perfect addition to a ski home.  The extra-large commercial units range from 24-pair dryers to 60-pair dryers with some wall mount units and some portable units available. Commercial needs don’t always fit pre-configured models.

As an Authorized Williams Direct Dryer Master Distributor for North America, CozyWinters offers special order models. Contact us for details.