Williams 30 Pair Wall Mounted Boot Dryer

by Williams Direct Dryers
Williams 30 Pair Wall Mounted Boot Dryer

    Item: WDD-30

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    Dry 30 Pair of Boots with Ambient Air or Warmed Air!

    The Williams 30 Pair Wall Mounted Boot Dryer blows volumes of room temperature air, or warmed air, inside of your boots, shoes or gloves to dry them safely, gently and thoroughly. Plus, it's safe to run for extended periods of time and not risk the possibility of damaging your boot liners. The compact space saving design gets the boot clutter off the floor and is ideal for tight locations. The simple low maintenance design is built for years of trouble free operation.

    • Boots are stored up side down preventing contamination by debris from above.
    • The drying arms deliver air flow directly to the most difficult part of the boot to dry first - the toe. Drying occurs from the toe back.
    • Sturdy welded 16ga steel construction.
    • Plugs into a standard 110V outlet and is CSA tested
    • Compact and space saving design
    • Supported on feet at floor level and fastened to the wall at the top of the dryer. You will need to find a wall stud to secure the dryer at this top location.
    • Energy Saving operation
    • Electrical cord length is 8 feet. There is an warmed air on/off/ambient air on switch. A plug in wall timer is included with the dryer.
    • Blows ambient (room temperature) air OR warm air (your choice)
    • Drying time is about an hour, depending on air temperature, humidity, elevation and relative wetness.
    • On/Off/On energy management switch with 24 hour plug in wall timer.
    • Hand built in North America

    This unit is built to order and can take up to an additional 10-15 business days to ship.

    Description: Wall mount - 30 pair boot dryer
    Dimensions: 60"W x 20"D x 80"H
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Built in Warmer: Yes
    Amps: 12
    Watts: 1550
    Volts: 110v AC
    Sound (empty or full): 58 dB (+/-)
    Finish Electrostatic powder coated white
    Construction: Sturdy welded 16ga steel
    Warranty: 5 Year Warranty on superstructure. One year on electrical.
    Notes: Switch to turn from warmed air to ambient air.
    Note: Machine is floor supported and attached at the wall
    Air Distribution
    • Warmed air is mechanically distributed either to the farthest or hardest part of a garment (or boot, or glove, etc) to dry.
    • The air delivery system creates a positive pressure differential between the interior and exterior of the garment.
    • As the air exits the garment it passes over the interior surfaces picking up water vapor.
    Air Temperature
    • The purposes of using warmed air:
      Warmed air holds more water vapor than cold.
      Machine operating efficiency can be maintained even in conditions or reduced room temperature.
    • The benefits of using warmed air:
      Drying tests verified the fact that even when a garment, boot, glove, etc felt dry there was actually a measurable amount of water still contained within the article. Water molecules are hydrotropically attached to the microscopic fabric fibres. Heat is required to excite the molecules enough to break this attraction. Complete drying within reasonable time periods can only be achieved with the addition of some heat.
    • Organisms such as yeast, fungus, & bacteria thrive in warm, moist, dark environments. The accumulation of this biological mass has potential health issues. The amount of this biological mass is subjectively measured by "locker room" odor. Eliminating the last of the moisture contained within the garment goes a long ways towards reducing the "locker room" indicator.
    • The 10-15F temperature gradient is a subjective level which:
      Adds enough heat to provide significant drying characteristics especially at the final stages of drying.
      Keeps the delivered air temperature below body core temperature up to ambient room temperatures of 95F.
      Ensures that spot burning, heat deformation, or changing fabric characteristics (eg "thermo set glues ") is not a concern.
    • The temperature of the blown air is 10-15F above room temperature. This temperature differential can generally only be physically perceived by touching a non heated portion of the machine (eg supports) then a heated piece ie support/air arm.
    General Information
    • All machines are 110V CSA approved for Canada & the USA which plug into any standard duplex outlet.
    • Construction is heavy duty with a limited life time warranty on superstructure and a 1 year warranty on electrical.
    • Finish is electrostatic powder coated white.
    • Duty cycle: machines can operate continuously. Our first dryer was built in 1989 and we have had machines operate for 15 years under industrial conditions.
    • Maintenance: keep the intake screen clean. A blocked screen reduces efficiency and decreases life expectancy.
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