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GearDryer Boot, Glove, and Gear Dryers

GearDryer ski-boot dryers are the professional-grade boot, glove, and gear drying solutions built for those who work hard and play hard outdoors. When you work hard and play hard outside, gear gets wet from snow, rain, and your own sweat. Left untreated, the enclosed spaces in boots and gloves can remain damp for days—and wet gear is cold gear. GearDryer delivers a powerful supply of forced air—heated or ambient—to quickly eliminate the moisture trapped in boots, gloves, helmets and more. Dry gear is warm gear, and warm gear makes for great days outside. Dry Gear is Warm Gear!
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GearDryer Boot Dryers

When your boots, gloves and other gear get wet, what do you do? Whether your accessories get wet due to work or play, you need to get them dry and fast. This is why you should invest in GearDryer Boot Dryers.

A ski-boot dryer is a necessity for anyone who spends their days in the snow, rain, puddles, sewers or any other atmosphere that leads to significant moisture. Without the appropriate dryer, these accessories may never get fully dry. A moist shoe, glove or even helmet can easily mold and deteriorate. This can leave you exposed to the elements just when you need protection the most. Likewise, when you don't properly take care of your gear by making sure it is thoroughly dry, you are costing yourself a lot of money. Those items must be replaced when they degrade. The cost of wet weather accessories is no small amount of change.

Items that are still even slightly wet can also cause physical damage to your extremities. Wet boots can lead to fungal infections. Wet helmets may worsen allergies or leave you susceptible to viruses. A wet glove may contribute to frostbite. These are serious issues that can be avoided with the right dryer.

Why are GearDryer Multi-Boot Dryers the best? Simply put, these dryers use forced airflow with either heated or ambient drying. This system creates the quickest and best dry that will never cause the materials in your accessories to degrade. Whether you use wet boots in a ski home, a cabin or on the job, GearDryer offers a perfect solution.

Key GearDryer Product Advantages

Powerful Supply of
Forced Air
GearDryer's dual fans generate more than 200 CFM of airflow and channel it directly into wet gear.

Dry with Heated or
Ambient Air
Simply turn on the heat to speed up dry times. GearDryer's self-regulating heater increases the air temperature by 25°F for gentle yet effective drying.

12 Customizable
Dryer Ports
Designed with versatility in mind, GearDryer's ports feature a twist and lock design that allows you to customize the port layout for any drying application.

5 Pre-Programmed
Dry Settings
Select a 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, or 2-hour dry cycle. Plus, hold the 2-hour button for 3 seconds to initiate a 24-hour dry cycle.

Plugs Into a Standard
120 V Outlet
Simply plug the GearDryer into a standard outlet in your home or garage.

Built to Last
Heavy-duty steel construction, durable powder coat finish, and quality components throughout.