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DryGuy Boot & Glove Dryers


Skiers, snowboarders, hikers—they all want to begin their winter adventures in warm, dry gear. DryGuy Boot Dryers and DryGuy Glove Dryers allow outdoor explorers to don warm gear before venturing out in the cold or to dry soggy, wet gear at the end of an exhilarating day in the snow.

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Help Prevent Trench Foot with a Boot Dryer
Trench foot is a painful ailment that affects the skin, tissue, and nerves in the feet. It is caused by prolonged exposure to damp conditions or lengthy immersion in cold, unsanitary water, and can result in numbness, swelling, discoloration, blistering, and bleeding under the skin.

Why Use a Boot Dryer?

DryGuy boot dryers gently push moderate heat to act as effective glove and boot dryers, protecting winter gear from damage while warming and drying efficiently. DryGuy glove and boot dryers produce boot dryers that can be used to dry a single pair of boots on the car ride home from the slopes and shop units that can be configured to hold from 4 to 200 pairs of boots. Regardless of the size of the unit, DryGuy boot dryers safely dry gear at a temperature of no more than 99 degrees. This moderate temperature allows boots to be gently warmed prior to use or to be dried without excessive heat, sparing the garment from damage.

CozyWinters offers DryGuy products to meet a range of drying needs. When time is of the essence, the WideBody Glove and Boot Dryers and the Transporter can dry garments in approximately an hour. While they both use a standard household plug, the Transporter adapts to international travel with a dual voltage adapter switch. When mobility is key, the TurboDry Boot & Shoe Dryer dries quickly on the move. With a wall plug or a car adapter, cozy boots and shoes can happen anytime, anywhere.

The TurboDry can warm boots in less than half an hour—on the way to the slopes—and can dry shoes or boots in one to two hours without using a damaging level of heat. For overnight drying needs, the Circulator Boot & Glove Dryer and the Thermanator Boot Dryer dry gear in a six to ten hour time range. While the Circulator can be easily stashed in a bag or in boots for traveling, the stationary Thermanator silently warms enough boots for families or large parties.