INNOVA - 42 Helmet Dryer

INNOVA - 42 Helmet Dryer

by INNOVA    

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The new INNOVA wall dryers provide the highest capacity in a small space, dry quickly, disinfect efficiently, deodorize and offer a whole range of new features!

The optimized air flow system guarantees the most efficient and shortest drying times with an efficient disinfection. The large illuminated LCD display on the front pillar of the dryer shows which step of the process the dryer is currently in (i.e. ambient air, hot air, disinfecting).

Additional Features:
  • Single-sided wall mounted hot air dryer
  • Available for: Up to 42 helmets
  • Air disinfection through germicidal Ozon lamp
  • Deodorization through aromatic bar
  • Simple operation with programmable clock
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Power - 110V/60Hz/ 500W or 1000W with heat
  • Power - 208-230V 500W or 1000W with heat
  • Measurements (in Centimeters):
    • Base width: 94cm
    • Total depth: 41cm
    • Height: 210cm
    • Height w/helmets: 224cm

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