GearDryer Wall Mounted 12 Pair Boot and Glove Dryer

GearDryer Wall Mounted 12 Pair Boot and Glove Dryer

by GearDryer    

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The GearDryer Wall Mounted 12 Pair Boot and Glove Dryer is the ideal choice for drying any article of clothing or item that becomes sweaty, soggy or fully saturated.

This wall mounted dryer can dry 12 pairs of boots or gloves at once. The 24 ports in the dryer allows you to dry 24 different types of equipment or accessories.

The GearDryer is an investment that will pay for itself over time. Your gear lasts much longer when it is properly dried after each use. Likewise, the space-saving feature of a wall mounted dryer lets you put the dryer in your locker room, mud room or garage without taking up valuable storage space.

GearDryer Wall Mounted 12 Pair Boot and Glove Dryer Features:

  • The choice between heated and ambient air. Heated air dries fast while killing germs and bacteria. Ambient air provides gentle drying for delicate items.
  • Customizable time settings. You decide how long you want to dry your items. A quick 15 minute dry might be all you need. A couple of hours might be enough for some wet gear. Other gear might take longer. You can choose drying times that last up to 24 hours.
  • Forced air. The air blows directly into gear from each port. Over 400 CFM of forced air makes drying fast and accurate.
  • Customizable ports. You can alter the ports in the way that works best for you. You might want to make room for waders, coveralls or large sports equipment. Our customizable ports let you do just that.
  • Steel construction. The GearDryer is made of heavy-duty steel. The steel parts are highly durable and will stand the test of time.
  • Powder-coated finish. A powder-coated finish looks lovely but it also serves to protect the GearDryer. Powder coating withstands moisture, chemicals and impact in a way that liquid paint simply cannot.
  • Easy installation. The GearDryer mounts to your wall without the need for a professional installer. The mounting bracket can be installed by anyone with a bare wall and the need for rapid drying.

The GearDryer is the perfect choice for large families that spend a lot of time playing sports, hiking, gardening or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Up to six family members can dry their boots and gloves at the same time. Even smaller families will appreciate the GearDryer's ability to keep shoes and boots from being wet and cold.

GearDryer is ideal for locker rooms. Wet gear is a breeding ground for bacteria. Irritating conditions like athlete's foot are largely preventable by ensuring items are fully dried with heated, forced air. Use the GearDryer after each practice and each game to have gear that is ready and waiting to be used again. The GearDryer can be used for virtually any ski supply, shoe, helmet, cleat or even skates.


Gear Dryer Features:
  • Includes hardware for direct wall mounting.
  • Fans deliver more than 400 CFM of forced airflow directly into gear.
  • Choose to dry with heated or ambient air with the flip of a switch. GearDryer's self-regulating heater increases the air temperature approximately 35°F above the ambient air temperature for gentle yet effective drying.
  • 24 individual drying ports accommodate up to 12 pairs of boots or gloves.
  • Versatile twist and lock port design allows you to customize the port layout to dry specific gear items.
  • 24 individual ports create endless configuration options for different types of gear from boots, to helmets, to waders, and more.
  • Select a custom timed setting from 15-minutes all the way up to 24-hours with the turn of the dial.
  • Plugs directly into a standard 120-Volt wall outlet--no professional installation needed.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and durable powder coat finish stand up to hard use.
  • Safe for use on thermo-molded boot liners.
  • Easy Wall-Mount installation integrates easily into your garage, mud room, or gear room.
  • Ideal for skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, dirt bikers, hockey players, hunters, fisherman, construction workers, and more.
Gear Dryer Specifications:
  • Capacity: 24 customizable dryer ports (will fit 12 pair of ski boots or gloves)
  • Air Temp: Ambient or heated air
  • Heated Air Temp: 35 degrees above ambient temp
  • Drying Cycles: Adjustable from 15 minutes to 24 hours, with the turn of the dial
  • Air Flow: 400 CFM
  • Power: 120 Volt
  • Watts: 1200 Watts
  • Amps: 0.4 ambient air or 10.0 heated air
  • Construction: Powder coated steel
  • Dimensions (without ports): 36"W x 6"D x 46"H (52"H w/legs)
  • Dimensions (with ports): 36"W x 14.5"D x 46"H (52"H w/legs)
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Key GearDryer Product Advantages

Powerful Supply of
Forced Air
GearDryer's dual fans generate more than 200 CFM of airflow and channel it directly into wet gear.

Dry with Heated or
Ambient Air
Simply turn on the heat to speed up dry times. GearDryer's self-regulating heater increases the air temperature by 25°F for gentle yet effective drying.

12 Customizable
Dryer Ports
Designed with versatility in mind, GearDryer's ports feature a twist and lock design that allows you to customize the port layout for any drying application.

Drying Cycles
Select from 15-minutes to 24 hours, with the turn of the dial

Plugs Into a Standard
120 V Outlet
Simply plug the GearDryer into a standard outlet in your home or garage.

Built to Last
Heavy-duty steel construction, durable powder coat finish, and quality components throughout.
Boot Dryer Facts:
  • Feet and hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch
  • Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that create odor
  • Cold is caused by the loss of heat
  • Moist garments are up to 25 times colder than dry garments
  • Because boots, shoes and gloves are closed end garments, they do not dry well without the aid of dryers
GearDryer Spare Ports Kit, 6-Pack
Sale Price: $45
Our Spare Port kit offers more port assemblies for more drying solutions to dry waders, pants, bibs, and more.
GearDryer Helmet Holder, 2-Pack
Sale Price: $60
Holds your helmets stable and helps to distribute airflow throughout the inside of your helmet.

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