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Multi-Purpose Storage Racks

If you’re determined to take on the gargantuan task of cleaning out your garage, try organizing this space with our wall storage racks. Our multipurpose storage racks can be used for a variety of storage solutions that can help you not only get rid of the unattractive clutter, but they can also bid farewell to stumbling over tools and boxes every time you pass through this part of your house.

CozyWinters offers a wide selection of storage racks that are designed to conveniently organize all your belongings. Its multipurpose solutions can make life easier by giving a designated place for all types of objects, from gardening tools to sporting equipment and bicycles.

One of the most convenient solutions is the PowerGrip Storage Rack, which can hold up to twenty-two pounds. By flipping open its cam-locks, you can conveniently place into the opening anything from shovels to axes, picks, and lawn trimmers. Since it is lightweight and easy to install, it can be used anywhere in the house.

Another effective solution for getting clutter out of the way is the Rough Rack Tool Rack. Ideal for storing almost anything you can find in a basement or garage—including ladders, rakes, shovels, brooms, hoses, mops, weed eaters, and much more—this solution is made of sturdy powder coated steel and can carry over one hundred pounds of equipment. If you’re looking for a space-saving rack that will get stuff completely out of the way, there’s the convenient ProStor Heavy Lift Overhead Ceiling Storage Rack. Made of sturdy steel beams and a 4’ x 4’ platform, this load-and-lift system can carry all types of objects, such as lawn mowers, file boxes, tires, toys, car seats.

And to lift your bikes, kayaks, canoes, and ladders off the floor to make room for other things, there’s the Garage Gator 220. By using a powerful ceiling-mounted motor, it can lift up to two hundred twenty pounds of your heaviest belongings into the air.