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Wakeboard Storage Racks and Displays

Our wakeboard storage racks can protect your beloved board from all sorts of unwanted culprits, such as mold, mildew, and rust. Our wakeboard wall racks are designed to efficiently and creatively display your boards. Check out our Flash Sale 2016 here for more great deals!

When you’re not out on the water impressing onlookers with your front flips and 360s, you can rest assured that your board is not slowly being corroded or discolored because of exposure to sunlight and salt water. Also, wakeboard storage racks allow you to put on display your colorful and eye-catching boards, which are sure to become instant conversation starters.

When it comes to your storage preferences, CozyWinters is the place to visit to choose from a wide variety of options and top-quality brands. From traditional handcrafted wooden racks to multipurpose and freestanding racks, there’s a solution for every need. For those in search of furniture-quality wooden wall mount wakeboard racks, there’s the handcrafted double display rack made of 14 layers of laminated birch.

Designed to display wakeboards, surfboards, or snowboards, the rack is made up of trunks and back plates that come separately so that you can customize it according to the number of boards you want to mount. If you’re also into fishing, it can even store your fishing poles.

If you prefer to store your boards standing up, there’s also the wooden three board horizontal display rack, which can be adjusted to mount up to six boards vertically. Individually handcrafted and American made, the rack is made from thirteen layers of laminated birch to provide extra strength and durability.And for storing large quantities of boards in a freestanding fashion, CozyWinters offers a wakeboard storage rack that can store up to thirty two wakeboards.

An American made product, it is comprised of a sturdy steel frame and black polycarbonate arms. For those in need of a wall-mounted design, a similar wakeboard rack made of the same materials is also available. It can store from eight to sixteen wakeboards.

Whether you’re an amateur wakeboarder or a seasoned professional, this broad selection of storage options is enough to inspire you to give your prized possessions the best treatment possible.