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Modular Ski and Snowboard Storage Racks

Modular ski and snowboard storage racks are one of the best display and snowboard storage rack options for all those who are in the sporting equipment business.

Whether yours is a ski and snowboard resort, a ski rental business, or a sporting equipment store, you’ll find that these pre-packaged kits are perfect for building the perfect storage racks, tailored to your specific work space configuration and storage needs.

CozyWinters offers customizable freestanding and wall-mounted storage racks that are already used by many businesses across North America. Offering only high-quality American-made products, we offer a wide selection of high-capacity storage options that make the most of every square foot and display products in an appealing and orderly manner.

Made of highly durable polyurethane and available in red, blue, or black, CozyWinters’ freestanding ski racks and snowboard racks are perfect for locations where space is limited. Each rack can be either used alone or in combination with other freestanding racks. The different individual modular racks can hold up to seven pairs of cross-country skis, four snowboards, and four pairs of parabolic skis.

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Pre-Packaged Kits

These pre-packaged kits will come with all parts you need to build the below racks. Choose from three colors: Blue, Black and Red.

Build Your Own Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack

Start with the Modular Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack Unit that meets your needs. Choose from traditional skis, Snowboards, Snowboard XL, Parabolic/Fat Ski, and Parabolic/Fat XL Ski rack unit. You can mix and match.

Then, choose an adapter, or spacer, to configure the perfect rack.

One of the most popular ski and snowboard storage option is the Triangle Ski and Snowboard Rack. As its name implies, it is shaped like a triangle and allows you to add any number of additional modular racks. Made of heavy-duty polyurethane and available in red, black, and blue—like the freestanding models—the different modular racks can store up to twenty-one pairs of cross-country skis, twelve snowboards, and eighteen pairs of parabolic skis.

Ideal for locations with lots of available space, such as ski valets, the Center Square Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack offers maximum storage capacity and is completely customizable. Made of the same material as the previous options, the various modular racks can accommodate up to twenty-eight pairs of cross-country skis, sixteen snowboards, and twenty-four pairs of parabolic skis.

For those who want to mount their skis on their snowmobile or snowcat, there’s the Wall Mount Ski Storage Rack. With space to hold up to three pairs of traditional or cross-country skis, each individual non-modular unit is ideal for areas where space is highly limited.

CozyWinters also offers the spacers and adapters required to customize each of these options to perfectly fit your needs. Like the storage racks, they come in red, black, and blue.