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Skateboard Storage Racks and Displays

Skateboard display racks are a perfect way to show off your boards, especially if you have several of them. Instead of relegating them to a corner of your bedroom or, even worse, your basement or garage, why not give them the attention they deserve by using a skateboard wall rack to display them? After all, not only are they an important investment (skateboards are not cheap!), they say a lot about who you are.

Whether you’re looking for a skateboard wall mount, longboard wall rack, or multipurpose storage racks, CozyWinters has the ideal solution for your needs. Made from only top-quality materials, we offer a wide selection of skateboard display racks in different colors and models for all board sizes and shapes.

If you’re looking for a furniture-quality skateboard wall rack, then RAX’s handmade wood wall mount would fit perfectly on your bedroom or living room wall. With no assembly required, the individual wood racks combine naturally with other wood furniture and save a lot of space. RAX’s eco-friendly products do not use treated lumber or mineral-based products, making them the ideal choice of environmentally conscious consumers.

CozyWinters also offers innovative wall mounts that go virtually unnoticed, allowing the onlooker to appreciate the board more than the rack. For example, there’s ProStor All board Storage Rack, which comes with two cushioned arms that adjust to any board size and shape. Ideal for storing skis, snowboards, and skateboards flat against any vertical surface, this easy-to-assemble rack is made of solid steel with an epoxy finish.

And if you really want observers to get a good look at both sides of your decks, there’s the Bordz-Up Pivoting Skateboard Display Racks. Uniquely made to convert your boards’ gravitational force into horizontal pressure, this wall mounted display rack’s innovative grip design adjusts to the size and shape of your board without damaging it in any way.

From traditional wood racks to imperceptible wall mounts, there are plenty of options for skaters who want to preserve their boards for many years to come.