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Snow Ski Coat Rack

by SkiChair
Snow Ski Coat Rack
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    Blecka Hook Style

    Ski Coat Rack!

    On the Deck, by the water, in the Ski lodge this gorgeous coat rack is the place to hang your hat after a hard day of thrashin'.

    These racks can be used for coats, clothes, towels, poles, or just about anything you can hang from a hook. Our racks are made from re-cycled blemished and lightly used snow ski products. The coat rack can be left outside for years or hung inside to add character to your home or cabin.

    • A Re-Cycled Snow Ski with 5-7 hooks pre-drilled and mounting holes and includes mounting screws.
    • No assembly required
    • Easy wall installation with provided hardware
    Please select from the Snow Ski models below (example with Wood Pegs):

    Note: designs varying from left to right skis, and depending on which ski is used there will be a slight difference in the graphics, but the colors, tones and overall design will be exactly the same as the ski in the above examples.

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